• 1h 20m 53s
  • 3770.19 meters
  • 02m 09s /100 meters

why...why am I so slow in my lake??? I always seem a tick faster at Trout. Must be the breaks between laps.

Tomorrow. My baby goes to my alma mater tomorrow to begin his college career. Very mixed emotions for me. Trying not to freak out. Trying not to cry. Trying. We will see how successful I am. GO BRONCOS!

  • 45m 33s
  • 4.25 miles
  • 10m 43s /Mi

hill repeats x4 on the mtb trail. HOT.

  • 56m 57s
  • 15.90 miles
  • 16.75 Mi/hr

shorty at ISMP on the road. Legs were pretty tired.

Ran first from home (could not resist the trail today...hill repeats instead of a threshold mile) and then the girl and I went to Indian Springs. Agreed to bike only an hour so she'd come with me. She did me a favor. Legs were very tired. And It was hot and muggy. And I got bit by two flying I don't know whats! :)

Hammy was ok though. Good idea to postpone running till today.

  • 5h 47m 20s
  • 101.01 miles
  • 17.45 Mi/hr

at ILRA. Rained for about 2-2.5 hours second half of ride. Nutrition was good. Took caffeine chews about 4:10, ate extra half of power bar about 4:45? Used base salt and 1 salt tab on bike. Dropped container so I will get more salt tabs and use base on run. Cool temps meant I didn't get sick of the drink. Hotter and I seem to like it less. This week's riding should be hotter, so I will pay attention to that. HR and Watts were a little better. Felt great for first 50, then shoulder/neck pain popped up. Need to focus on relaxed shoulders! Was still raining at end of ride and left hammy wasn't feeling great, so did not run. Being conservative.

  • 1h 06m 20s
  • 2725.83 meters
  • 02m 26s /100 meters

trout lake, 2 laps

  • 45m 02s
  • 4.63 miles
  • 09m 44s /Mi

ran around trout with Michelle, then out to Grand river and back. Legs felt ok. Tired, but ok.

post training, took two (2!!!) naps, and my left lower hammy was really ouchie. Just was not feeling it today. Had planned to ride 1.5 hours and swim 4400. :(

No issues while running today though. Rolled a bunch, massaged a bunch, wore the compression tights. Not excited about this new development. :( Will see how it fares on the bike tomorrow.

  • 2h 26m 40s
  • 14.69 miles
  • 09m 59s /Mi

Nice and cool for the long run today. Almost too cool. Got a bit chilled when I refilled my bottles at about mile 8.5! Ran today all by hr. Pleased with paces.
Focused on shorter walk breaks, and not spiking to high (HR/rpe) on the inclines. Nutritition was good.

  • 44m 38s
  • -----
  • -----

2x15'th on kickr. Oy. Power is soft, but I knew that already. Hard work.

  • 39m 24s
  • 3.84 miles
  • 10m 16s /Mi

Got lost on my brick run! OY! Other than finding my way, good run.

ordered blinds for the guest room and the bath. Chose products for master. Will order in September, hopefully with a discount. Waiting to redo the fireplace wall before we choose window treatments in there. Excited to get ride of some of these 20 year old vertical blinds! Need to have Ron out (and do some research) on what we want for the fp wall and possibly a fire pit outdoors. :)

  • 57m 16s
  • 6.05 miles
  • 09m 27s /Mi

watch lost data for about a quarter mile! At least it was after the th miles!
2x1 went well. Hard, but well. No grumpy knee. Yay!

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