• 15m

planks, side planks, pushups,birddog, hydrants, donkeys, roll ups. Getting back to some basics.

  • Hiking
  • 45m

Went to check out Highland Rec Area with the girl and the young dog. BEAUTIFUL! Much flatter than Pontiac Lake...and a crushed gravel path as well. I see myself running here in season! Woo hoo! Looking forward to exploring more of the trails!

worked on the boat (cleaning the seating before it being stored next week) and finished sawing the wood for the log holder. Should have done that years ago. Looks so much better!

Really enjoyed this fabulous weather day today. Going to be great tomorrow too! YAY!

  • 1h 20m 13s
  • 7.00 miles
  • 11m 28s /Mi

ran the hike trail-though it was 6 miles. Oops!

fun time at Bobby and Julie's watching Kona and hanging with the gang. My "lil bro" and his family were there so made the peppers for him. :) He liked them. His girls are so cute! It was fun to watch Captain Dave in his final IM at Kona. Sad for me and excited for him. He has given so much to the sport, our club and me personally. Great guy that one. :)

So many friends racing this weekend! Kona, IMLOU and Chicago Marathon! EXCITED for them all~~~~!!!
  • 20m 04s
  • 2.15 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

wu at LTF Commerce. Not impressed. First time on the gym floor. TM belts were all very worn looking, no TRX station and the indoor pool looks so damn gloomy. It's hard enough to get in the drink sometimes!

  • 40m

bi's, tri's, one arm rows, deadlifts, air squats

new ltf location was not great. Expected a trx station. Want to explore that this off season, but no. :( May be dumping our membership since they are upping the fees once again November 1. BOOOOO.

  • 30m 52s
  • 3.03 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

nice trot!

shorty to the trail and back, then lunch with Susan. So nice to get caught up!

Shopped in the evening with the girl...poor thing can never find pants. At least we got her a couple sweaters. She is so long and lanky. Hard to find her things she likes and that fit.

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