The following equipment is nearing replacement:

  • 1h 00m 07s
  • 9.83 miles
  • 9.81 Mi/hr

ild, spin ups
3x8 ftp
2x6 te

  • 14m 40s
  • 1.45 miles
  • 10m 06s /Mi

brick on mill

Bummed...calibrated foot pod and was still off about a minute from treadmill. :(

Great time doing a marketing study at the Detroit Auto show for a concept electric autonomous vehicle. We got to go inside the display and get in the vehicle, then discussed with the moderator our thoughts on many different aspects of the car. We got paid, entry into the show and parking paid for. Fun to go back to my marketing roots and participate in this.

After the study, we walked the floor for a bit. WOW. Detroit sure does put on a great display of it's strengths...automobiles. There were some seriously sexy cars on that floor and it was fun to look at some of the very futuristic concept cars. Dave loved the electric VW Vanagan. He has a strong attraction to the originals, and now the concept car. Me, not so much. :D

Afterwards, we went to a great place for dinner, Wright and Company. Delicious dinner in a beautiful space downtown and checked out some of the Illumination Art Installation (temporary) nearby. It was a warmish day for winter and made walking about fun.

It was very nostalgic for me too...we parked a block from my Dad's old office building that he owned until about a month before he died. It is right where the Detroit Free Press Marathon start line is. I ran my first half there. He was gone before I started any of this sporty stuff. 20 years now. I always think of him when I'm in the city. I think he'd be excited for all the little changes happening downtown that are adding up to some good things!

  • 07m 46s
  • 0.49 miles
  • 15m 52s /Mi

calibrate food pod at Kettering track. walked due to ice!

  • 1h 04m 22s
  • 2240.28 meters
  • 02m 53s /100 meters

first masters class with new group. Been an age. Lots of kicking in warm up! Arms almost fell off. :D

Coach on deck Expects me to actually have gears. Um, yeah, about that. I can't take 2" off of a 200 by feel k? :D Baby strokes, baby strokes.

Was told for such a tall person, I swim like a short person. Yep. Still don't extend enough nor finish stroke. Looking forward to dropping in and getting a bit of feedback on Mondays when not traveling.

  • 30m

ROAR 3,2,2,2
Core: planks, pu's, swim cords

very disappointed in my navagation system! took me to the wrong location for swim and was late. Probably a blessing in disguise as my arms almost fell off in the 1:05 I swam. Looking forward to a little swimming and hopefully a little form improvement before swimming in earnest in March-ish.

  • 1h 03m 02s
  • 5.98 miles
  • 10m 32s /Mi

lots of walking today as Terese has not really run past 3 miles post NYC marathon. Fun to see her and Cath out in the chilly air. Ran/walked mostly with Terese. LOTS of deer over 20. They will be culling them this week. Hide little deer, hide!

Didn't get to sleep till past 3 with alarm at 6:30. Not great. Beautiful sunrise on the way to the park. Temps were very cold, but wind was amazingly low! Rare at Stony. Everyone indulged me and we ran the path vs the trail. I can't afford another fall. Elbow is still very swollen, gross and sore. Boohoo.

Carnitas are cooking and I'm taking a nap!

  • 1h 23m 13s
  • 14.49 miles
  • 10.45 Mi/hr

4x9' ftp w/ long recoveries
10' te
especially #4

  • 30m 03s
  • 3.16 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

z2 brick. felt awesome. nice low hr. used new speeds based on calculations yesterday.

great time out to dinner with Jo and Billy for my delayed birthday dinner. Enjoyed a Bumpy cake brown ale! Dinner was good and next time we go to Rochester Tap we will stay for the music. Band was setting up as we left to go see La La Land, which was different but very good. Bill gets good sport award for going to a musical! :D

    Run #1
    • 09m 02s
    • 0.53 miles
    • 17m 03s /Mi

    to calibrate speed on my treadmill. It is off 2.6%...faster than stated on controls. It doesn't seem like much, but I could tell! Now if I can just figure out how to calibrate my foot pod property to to the correct paces, my data will be uploaded correctly and I won't have to fiddle with it. YAY

    Run #2
    • 29m 31s
    • 3.10 miles
    • 09m 31s /Mi

    z2 work today. liking the new shoes

    • 10m

    swim cords
    pu's 22
    no planks due to smashed elbow!

    Mine and my sissy in laws Good Luck Witch day! Happy Friday the 13th!

    • 1h 01m 28s
    • 12.50 miles
    • 12.20 Mi/hr

    vo2 intervals. ow. enjoyable ow.

    • 29m 58s
    • 3.04 miles
    • 09m 51s /Mi

    really like how the shoes felt today, and ran sans socks too! Brick felt really good. Nice low hr. :D

    Had fun in Ferndale getting caught up with the californians! Excited to ride with them this March!


    Did all the laundry when I got home and threw together a nice lentil soup recipe I saw in Runners world mag. Hope it tastes good tomorrow!

    Full moon on the ride home was spectacular!

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