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well boo. I have a bone bruise and typical healing time is 2-4 months. My PCP says I can exercise to pain tolerance but what I've read suggests no running during the recovery period. I have a podiatrist contact and think I will reach out to him for suggestions of what I CAN do vs focusing on what I can't.
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just a shorty before football. on TR flat course again. SWEATY. LOVED IT!

New foam sealing on the bonds in the basement REALLY has made a difference in the temps down there. Excited to see how warm it stays when the temps dip. I do believe my toes will be much happier this winter! :D

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trainer road on ventum watching the big show! Used tr so it was a flat course. Hoping no pain.

Bone scan today. They also scanned my tibia since I am a runner. Happy about that since I had knee issues earlier this year on the same leg. Hoping to hear by wednesday if it is stress fracture or tendon issues.

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