• 30m

Quick workout before hitting the road

5:00 AMRAPS with 2:00 rest between

1A) Weighted Pullups @45 x3
1B) HSPU x6
1C) Goblet Squat @ 80 x9

2A) CTB pullups x3
2B) Ring Dips x6
2C) Dbl KB FSQ w/ 53s x9

3A) Recline Rows x3
3B) Pushups x6
3C) BW Squat x9

8:00 AMRAP of:
4A) Farmer walk w/ 80s x40ft
4B) X-body Mt Climbers x20
4C) Hollow Rocks x15

  • 25m

Park workout

8:00 AMRAP of complex w/ 53 - 7rds + B on R
A) Snatch x2
B) Clean x2
C) Push Press x2
D) FSQ x2
E) Swing x2
alt side

8:00 AMRAP of
A) Dbl KB Clean w/53s x2
B) Dbl KB rack walk x 100ft
C) Bear Crawl x 100ft

2 rounds w/ 53 lb KB of:
A) TGU L x 1.5
B) Press L x2
C) FSQ L x2
D) Press L x2
E) Snatch L x2
F) Swing L x2 (H2H)
G) Snatch R x2
H) Press R x2
I) FSQ R x2
J) Press R x2
I) TGU R x 1.5

Get up complex was brutal

  • 22m
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  • -----

Sprints x10

1A) 80 yd sprint
1B) Walking lunge x20
walk back to start, repeat

  • 30m

Trio of 5:00 AMRAPs with 2:00 rest in between. Used 53s for everything

1A) Dbl KB Clean x3
1B) Dbl KB RDL x3
1C) HSPU x3
7 rounds

2A) Forward/Backward Bear Crawl x 15ft
2B) Sumo Stance Dbl KB row x3
2C) Dbl KB rack drop lunge x3/leg
5 rounds

3A) Pullups x3
3B) Dips x3
3C) Dbl KB FSQ x3
7 rounds

4A) 3:00 AMRAP of burpee broad jumps (34)

5A) Bottoms up KB rack walk x80ft/arm x2

  • 30m

EMOM x6:00
Odd - Dbl KB squat cleans x5
Even - Clapping pushups x10

EMOM x6:00
Odd - Dbl KB snatch x5
Even - Step Box jump x3/sd

EMOM x6:00
Odd - Dbl KB Push Press x5
Even - CTB pullups x10

3:00 AMRAP of
A)burpees x3
B)T2B x6
5 rounds + A

2 rounds of:
A) Dbl KB rack walk x80ft
B) Dbl KB thruster x4
C) Mt. Climbers on KB x20
D) Pushups on KB x10

  • 22m
  • -----
  • -----


EMOM x16
80 yard sprint

4 weeks of solid discipline paid off (minus one cheat day helping my parents move). Down 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Next goal is my senior year wrestling weight...145, which if I don't lose any muscle would finally put me in single digit body fat %. Concurrent one year goal: Beast Tamer. Strict military press, pistol, and tactical pullup with 48kg KB(106 lbs)

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