I like my IMs how I like my steak: still Moo-ing

Monday - October 20

Sunday - October 19

  • 1h 00m

Swapped my deadlift day to Sunday - New PR, pulled 305 for 2 reps

Finisher - 10 rds in 9:36 of
A) KB Snatch @53# x5 - alt sides ea rd
B) Burpees x7

Tweaking my strength training a bit. I've been following bodybuilding style workouts since July and while I've been pleased with results, I came to the realization that I miss lifting heavy.  I've supplemented my programming with some heavy deadlifts the past few weeks and have loved it.  Time to start doing the same with squats and presses as well.  So I spent some time adding and subtracting certain lifts from my programming.

With that comes establishing some measurable goals for the next 6 weeks. So by Thanksgiving I want to:

A) Deadlift 345

B) Back Squat 250

D) Do a muscle up

E) Have < 12% BF

Saturday - October 18

  • 1h 00m

Workout went a little long this morning. Fun finisher

w/ weight vest - 4 rounds
A) Recline rows x8
B) EROM pushups x submax
C) Farmer's walk with 80# KB x100ft/sd

Friday - October 17

  • 45m

Knocked this out this morning since I wasn't sure what time my German friends would be heading back today.

Finisher: 5 rds, for time - 6:19
A) BB hang squat clean and press @ 105 x5
B) Wide grip pullups x5

Thank god this work week is over. Can't wait to sleep in and watch football tomorrow

Thursday - October 16

Only an 11 hour workday today. Almost didn't know what to do with myself. Rest day so I got a walk in while it was nice out

Wednesday - October 15

  • 45m

Started my with some curls for the girls - Bicep/Tricep day. Had time for a finisher this morning.

8:00 AMRAP of
A) Pullups x5
B) Pushups x10
C) KB swings w/ 80# KB x15
6 rounds complete

Tuesday - October 14

  • 45m

Love starting the day with some deadlifts. Pulled 285 for 4 reps today. Good progress there in the last month. Should be able to build up to a 2x bodyweight lift soon.

Glad I knocked that out this morning. Even longer day today

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