The mobility work continues. Planning a short workout for tomorrow so I can film my weekly finisher.  I should probably get a few videos in the bank for weeks like this when I can't work out. I'll make sure I don't do any spinal loading or anything twisty or bendy. This no lifting BS has got me going stir crazy though!

Bunch of mobility work the past two days. Was excited to get a ball sack in the mail today with all the various sizes of Jill Miller's yoga tuneup balls to go with her Roll Model book. Spent a lot of time on the back, glutes, and hips and it was amazing.

Just a buttload of mobility work over the weekend. Probably at least an hour and a half each day total with couple of long walks worked in too.

Plus 15 minutes of cold thermogenesis today. Sat out on the deck in just shorts with temps in the single digits. Quite invigorating :)

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