I like my IMs how I like my steak: still Moo-ing

Tuesday - July 22

Monday - July 21

  • 55m

Man what a sweatfest today. Hit 90 and even with the fan in the garage it was rough. Leg day capped off by throwing on the weight vest and hitting up a 4x8 superset of recline rows and EROM pushups. Good times

That workout wrapped up phase 2 of the program (phase sounds way better than week).  Two days off before starting the next phase, which is more power based than the first two.  I'm looking forward to that

Sunday - July 20

  • 35m 38s
  • 4.58 miles
  • 07m 46s /Mi

12X15s sprint with 2:00 recovery in between.

This one day a week running isn't going to cut it. Gotta wake up early at least once this week to get out.

  • 55m

Fun day today. Lots of pullup work, some deadlifts, and finished it off with some sandbag shoulders, wall walks, and box jumps

Saturday - July 19

  • 55m

Friday - July 18

  • 55m

For some reason that was a really quick week of work.  Hope the next two before vacation go just as quick!

Thursday - July 17

  • 55m

Back was fine today. The scrape sucks to foam roll but that's about it. Got through the workout without trying to knock myself unconscious so that was a bonus

Wednesday - July 16

  • 50m

Minor mishap in the gym today. I've been using bands to emulate different cable movements so I had a band looped around the pullup bar on my squat rack and was doing high to low cable crossovers. Well my dumbass forgot to load the rack with a bunch of weight so ended up pulling the entire rack over on my head. Good size bump on the noggin and scrapes along my back. I made it through the rest of the workout but I may have to skip tomorrow's back workout if things continue to tighten up.

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