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Productive weekend on the business front (feels weird saying that). New post on dieting, wrote a 4 week workout program that I will be offering for free to newsletter subscribers and facebook fans, set up a facebook fan page, 90% done with newsletter set up. This stuff takes way longer than I would have thought. Oh, and I got some studying in too.

Tested the pomodoro technique while I was working today.  Basically I set a timer to go off every 30 mintues then got my butt off the couch and walked downstairs to do 25 KB swings or farmer walked a set of bells upstairs to my bedroom and back downstairs. Loved it.  Wish I could do that at work.

Deload week starts tomorrow and I get to test out the workouts and shoot some video. Should be fun!

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And today ends the last workout out of BeastFit phase I. Onto a deload next week, perfectly timed over the holiday.

Finally had my way with this finisher the 3rd go around:
A) 400m run
B) KB ground to overhead x30
C) Toes to Bar x30
D) 400m run
E) Double KB cleans x30
F) Hand release pushups x30
G) 400m run
H) burpees x30
I) BW squats x30

17:43 - over 2 minutes off last week's time!

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And totally refreshed today. Great workout. Finisher was sucktastic in a beautiful way:

For time (11:04):
9 x KB Goblet Thruster (30#), 21 x KB Swings (53#)
9 x Goblet Thruster, 21 x Push Ups
9 x Goblet Thruster, 21 x Sit Ups
15 x Goblet Thruster, 15 x KB Swings
15 x Goblet Thruster,15 x Push Ups
15 x Goblet Thruster,15 x Sit Ups
21 x Goblet Thruster, 9 x KB Swings
21 x Goblet Thruster, 9 x Push Ups
21 x Goblet Thruster, 9 x Sit Ups

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Definitely needed the rest day.

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Got my double bodyweight Deadlift today!!!! 330 - Video will accompany a post on the blog next week some time

A couple of finishers today. One for the blog and then

5 rounds of:
A) Burpees x20
B) KB snatch x3/sd
rest 30s between rounds - 10:40, 30 seconds faster than last week

Having a great week in and out of the gym! I just finished up a phenomenal book.  It's brought a sense of clarity and focus to what I'm trying to accomplish. Thoughts and desires are starting to materialize into plans and goals and I'm getting excited. Not quite ready to divulge details so sorry for being a little bit cryptic

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No record is safe this week. New PR for Hang Clean (155) and Bench Press (195)

Glad it was the last week for this finisher:

Alternated 2:00 AMRAPS of:
1A) Skater Hops x10/sd
1B) Pushups x10
1C) Pullups x10


2A) BB Sumo DL high pulls @ 75# - 36,31,32,37 - 18 more reps than last week!

4x through 1 and 2, w/ NO REST -

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