• 1h 42m
  • 7.57 miles
  • 13m 28s /Mi

Ugh, what an awful run. I guess it's good to have a bad one now and then so that I appreciate the good ones but jeez...
Got up to run at 5:30 and it was storming. Steve also had a tee time so we sat and drank coffee, wondering what the weather might do. Looked like it would rain until 9 or so, then there would be a break. I went back to bed for a bit and went out at 9.
Temp was already 81 and humidity was something like 76%. That's just too darned muggy for me and I was absolutely drenched by mile 4. Started taking walk breaks. Calves were very very tight, probably from the long bike yesterday, but they had that feeling of imminent cramping. Supposed to be a ten mile loop but I just shut the Garmin off and walked it in at 7.5

  • 59m
  • 2750.00 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards

Warm Up
400- every 4th 25 is NON FREE
200 pull
100 swim steady
Main Set
4 x 100 swim fast (30)
4 x 50 as 25 dolphin dive drill/25 swim (10)
2 x 200 first one easy, second one descend (20)
4 x 75 kick with fins (100)
400 swim- every 4th 25 is fast, the rest is steady (30)
6 x 25 HARD. Go for it. (20-30)
Cool Down
200 easy

  • 4h 21m
  • 72.00 miles
  • 16.55 Mi/hr

Took the tri bike and rode with Steve out to Pleasant Plains, Tallula and back. We explored a couple of country roads that we had not been on before and had to turn back on one when it went from being a one lane asphalt lane to a dirt road with large white rocks. Wind was out of the west today, felt like a storm was trying to materialize but never did.

  • 30m
  • 2.30 miles
  • 13m 02s /Mi

Run off the bike. Probably walked just as much as I ran. Hot. Hot. So hot.

  • 20m

30 sec jumping jacks
10 elbow to knee crunch
10 box jumps
10 cat/camel
3 x 10 sec mountain climbers
10 pushups
3 x 10 sec high knees
10 reverse crunch
3 x 10 sec butt kicks
10 core stabilizer with med ball

Ordered a new wetsuit today (BlueSeventy Reaction). Hopefully it fits all right, in which case I will be selling my Xterra Vortex.

  • 45m
  • 3.77 miles
  • 11m 56s /Mi

Warm Up
15 minutes of easy jogging that builds to a steady pace
3 x 30 second strides*
Main Set
3 x 3 minutes of 5K pace running- work hard! (2 min easy jog between)
Cool Down
10-15 min easy jog

this felt tougher than it should have, my legs just seemed asleep today. Walked a bit between the intervals.

  • 1h 00m
  • 2800.00 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards

Warm Up
100 swim
100 IM
100 kick with fins
100 swim
Main Set
8 x 75 swim, kick swim by 25
100 pull
8 x 75 fast, easy, fast by 25
100 pull
8 x 75 easy, fast, easy by 25
100 pull
100 kick with fins (mix it up)
100 pull
Cool Down
100 easy

Felt like a good swim today. Focused a bit on the "press" and this small practice made a noticeable difference.

I work in a medium sized (150 people) cube farm. Over the last two weeks the old carpet has been swapped out for very nice new carpet (actually they are 2' x 2' squares of carpet). Our department was completed Tuesday night. It looks so awesome and clean! I spent the better part of yesterday putting stuff back in place and that will probably continue today. It's amazing how much crap I have accumulated over the course of 25 years.

  • 1h 15m
  • 21.00 miles
  • 16.80 Mi/hr

Rode the Wheelfast ride. Supposed to be a recovery ride today, so I hung with the slower group and ended up co-leading it while the bike shop employees helped out the other riders. Beautiful evening. Some of the little country roads had a lot of gravel but we took it slow.

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