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Tuesday - September 2

  • 08m

Core routine from strengthrunning.com

Spent yesterday afternoon doing laundry and putting away our fishing gear. The mtb got pretty wet on the drive home so that will need some oil. After a weekend of poor nutritional choices, I'm actually looking forward to some light fare.

We bought some red seedless grapes at a roadside stand down in winery country that are tasting pretty good.

This week for marathon training is a cutback week, so schedule for today is a five mile run. It was raining this morning, plus I felt too bloated from vacation food to attempt it. Will pack a gym bag to take to work and hit it on the way home.

Monday - September 1

Back from Montauk late this afternoon. Had a great weekend although the fishing was somewhat slow and we were rained out this morning.

Sunday - August 31

Saturday - August 30

  • 1h 23m
  • 8.60 miles
  • 6.22 Mi/hr

Forest City Mountain bike trail. Fun rocky trail in St. James, Missouri

Friday - August 29

  • 2h 17m
  • 11.35 miles
  • 12m 04s /Mi

Decent long run. rolled out of bed at 4 and REALLY REALLY wanted to just blow it off. Ate a couple of tablespoons of almond butter, a handful of raisins and an EX2 shot, loaded up the fuel belt with two bottles of OSMO and headed out into the dark. We had a big storm last night and there were puddles of water here and there. The humidity was down to comfortable levels.

Haven't done anything about my headphones so ran with just my thoughts. Was thinking how great this weekend will be with no computers, no coworkers, no family (Steve doesn't really count) and the freedom of being in control of our schedule. Then started musing about how marathon training is starting to get real. Today's run felt great. If St. Jude could somehow configure the race to start at 4:30 in the morning, I think I would be destined for a great marathon.

Thursday - August 28

We're going out of town for Labor Day, down to Montauk State Park in Missouri for some trout fishing and mtb. Which is awesome because we both really need a fun weekend. This means moving my long run to Friday morning, since I'm not good about working out on vacation. My legs are feeling tired, so opted to sleep in this morning.

Wednesday - August 27

  • 1h 08m
  • 5.51 miles
  • 12m 20s /Mi

Jogged over to the "straight streets" and did 90 second +/- intervals, with some walking and jogging in between, then looped around the shopping center to add some mileage before heading home. Stars were out and the humidity felt much more manageable, but my legs were just not cooperating today. Guessing they are not recovered from the long workouts over the weekend in the excess heat.

Wore the new PureFlows today and they felt pretty good. I did notice that my sock was rubbing on one foot, which is kind of a new thing. Maybe the sock is just wearing out? It's been a long time since I've had a blister, don't want to start now

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