• 47m
  • 3.75 miles
  • 12m 31s /Mi

Decent run. We got a little over an inch of snow last night, so footing was a little sketchy. Best part was the paved bike trail where the only tracks were one other runner and some crazy cyclist. Easier to run in the snow than in the streets where the plows had been through. Streets felt kind of slick. Sidewalks were very slick.

Nice to get out and enjoy the morning and realize how fortunate all of us are to have our health.

Happy Thanksgiving to my BT friends!!!

Will get a short run in this morning, then we are heading to my brother's for a big lunch and then in the evening, will go to Steve's sister's for a very light dinner.

  • 10m

IT band routine

  • 1h 02m 59s
  • 5.26 miles
  • 11m 58s /Mi

Threw a pork roast in the oven and headed out the door. Temp was around 30. Felt like a pretty good run. Our village (they call it a village, I think it's a town, but whatever...) is pretty small and I'm kind of bored with my usual routes, so I mixed things up and ran a couple of "new" streets.

Best part of running in the evening this time of year is seeing the Christmas lights.

  • 08m

10 bicycles
planks - regular, l/r 20 sec each
10 bird dogs

The bed won out this morning. Wind is howling, probably not a good morning to be outside.

  • 40m
  • 8.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Easy spin on the trainer

  • 15m

3 x 10 squat jumps with 20# barbell
10 pushups
10 each side hip stretch thing (can't remember name)
3 x 10 squat with 8# med ball
10 wall angels
10 wall squats
10 walking lunges

It rained all afternoon and into the night on Sunday, and it's raining again this morning. It was quite tempting to just sleep in. This will be a short week, obviously, but of course work will be pretty hectic.

We did get out one of our Christmas trees yesterday and set it up in the kitchen --- small tree, just 4 feet. It looks very cute and do I dare say, somewhat put me in the holiday mood?

I bought a copy of Matt Fitzgerald's book "Essential Week by Week Training Guide" that has plans for triathlons of all distances, as well as off-season plans. Need to be thinking about 2015.

  • 1h 03m
  • 5.27 miles
  • 11m 57s /Mi

Decent run, kept everything easy and slow.

  • 1h 12m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 12m /Mi

Supposed to do a last long run today. I guess I'm not recovered yet -- the first four miles went fantastic. Felt very strong. Mile 5 started feeling nauseated and got sick shortly after. Didn't feel any better after getting sick, so bagged the run.

So the homeowners association meeting was a little like being on the Jerry Springer show. Lots of angry people who hadn't done any research, shouting and yelling and acting like idiots. After an hour, we left.

I'm still pretty congested and have a slight headache but other than that, feel pretty recovered from my cold/sinus thing. Might try to get a run in tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be one last 20 miler. I might break it into two ten mile runs, doing one Saturday and one Sunday, depending on the weather. It's supposed to warm up but rain and I really do not want to be out in the rain any longer than necessary.

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