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easy jog

Work continues to suck for various reasons, but the good news is that I'm taking off at noon today and we are rolling out for Hermann shortly thereafter. Weather forecast isn't exactly delightful for bike riding --- 50s with light rain --- but I'm looking forward to this event.

Work stress had me tossing and turning much of the night and today will be a rough day. I did enlist the help of one of the IT guys so that will take some of the load off.

We decided to stop the Hello Fresh deliveries, at least now that it's nice out and we're busy doing things outdoors in the evening. It's more efficient to prepare a bunch of stuff on Sunday and pull a salad together as a side dish. I saved all the recipe cards and will definitely use some of the ones we liked.
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Wheelfast Ride. Hung back and rode with friend Becky. She has been fighting breast cancer since September and has been through the gauntlet -- double masectomy, chemo, radiation, and now reconstructive surgery. She's still very weak but feeling good enough to try riding again.

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Short little jog around the neighborhood

Emailed my coach and she was very embarrassed about not having schedule posted. Turns out she was trying out a new system to post schedules and it didn't work. Looks like a light week with a couple of swims, one bike, some short runs and some core stuff. I'll probably squeeze some more biking in.

Tour De Hermann is Saturday and Sunday. It's a two-day gravel bike race/ride. The weather for Saturday looks horrible --- rain and temps in the 50s. There are three 30-something mile loops on Saturday and you have the option to do as many as you like, as long as you make the cutoff times. Might just do one loop if it's raining.

  • 30m

Various strength moves and some plyo

We hosted Easter for my family. My St. Louis-based brother and his family did their own thing, so there were only 10 people, which is just about the perfect size for a gathering at our house. After Saturday's long ride, I was pretty wiped out, so after everyone left and the kitchen was cleaned up, I wrapped up in a blanket on the easy chair and took a really long nap. It's cool and rainy right now, so that just added to the perfect nap conditions.

As of right now, my coach has not updated my Training Peaks calendar. Not sure what the issue is but I'll send her an email this morning.

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