4 a.m. and getting ready to head to Lambert. Have a great weekend BTers, will check in on Wednesday
We have our Christmas department lunch today. Half our department is out with the respiratory crud, so it will be a smallish group. Then our company profit sharing party is at 3:30, although I'll probably cut out around 3. We're flying down to Tampa tomorrow morning and I'm feeling disorganized, plus it would be great to get a workout in before dealing with planes and rental cars.

One of Steve's roadie buddies, who is also named Steve, has been intrigued with our gravel riding. His daughter lives in Ames, Iowa, where they go often to visit grandkids, and that's a gravel mecca. He texted me yesterday to say he pulled the trigger on a Niner RLT and wants to do the Spotted Horse Ultra, which I've been looking at as a possible October race. To say I'm stoked is an understatement.
  • 21m
  • 1.64 miles
  • 12m 48s /Mi

Workout was:
5 min walk(more like 2 minutes)
5 min jog
(short stretch)
4x(1 min fast run, 1 min walk, 1 min jog)
6 min walk or jog, depending on how you feel!

Coughing up the crud from my cold after each run interval.

So I've come to the realization that the room where my bike trainer is set up has a wifi dead zone. It's not all the time --- afternoons seems to be fine. But religiously at 6 PM, the wifi signal cuts out and then is intermittant. Something's obviously interfering.

Which isn't too big of a deal except that Zwift relies on wifi and if it's compromised, you have to pretty much exit out and restart. This happened last night in the middle of my workout. ANT is still recording the actual workout but the social component is gone. Which sucks because that's a huge perk for me --- having other people to interface with is what, imho, differentiates Zwift from other trainer programs.

The easiest fix would be to just move the whole setup to an area of the house that gets a stronger signal --- what a pain. I looked at maybe getting an extender but have a feeling that's not going to work too well for a gaming app. Other options would be to run an Ethernet cable from the router (across the house in upstairs bedroom, opposite end of house -- no way), or have another router set up.
I'm just kind of talking myself through this since I'm a technotard.

Our company has a presentation today for people "over the age of 50" that is supposed to get you thinking about retirement. Steve and I have pretty much worked through the nuts and bolts of financial stuff, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

Tonight will be a short run.

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