• 1h 02m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 12m 24s /Mi

Supposed to run the first half super slow, then push a bit on the second half.

  • 11m 45s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 11m 45s /Mi

Quick jog around the block

  • 30m

Plyo and misc strength

  • 3h 13m
  • 51.60 miles
  • 16.04 Mi/hr

Planned to ride outdoors today, but it's another cold and windy day. I'm so over the weather this year, to the point where it's tempting to just forget about racing and training. I plunked my grouchy ass on the trainer and pedaled out this long ride, watching movies.

Busy day --- longish bike ride which turned into a trainer ride because I'm sick of going out in cold, windy rainy weather, and then a stop at a Celebration of Life for the man who was killed in the dust storm. Then off to a lake club for my neice's high school graduation party.

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Didn't get a workout in on Friday --- it was another cool, rainy day and the thought of getting on the trainer or going to the gym annoyed me. Plus, it was my Mom's 83rd birthday and that trumps any workout. I asked if Steve and I (and any of my siblings who cared to go) could take her out for dinner but she didn't really want to go. She has a couple of bumps on her face that her doctor said needed to go, so had them removed earlier this week, and there are some pretty angry looking red areas that she is very self conscious about. I really didn't think they looked all that bad but I guess if she's not comfortable going out, that's fine.

Work got pretty crazy Friday afternoon with some people realized that deadlines are looming next week. I might work a bit this weekend to get a jump on things.

My coach emailed me Thursday night to ask if my Training Peaks account was up to date --- she was getting messages that my account was going to expire. I wonder if she thought she was being fired and I wasn't telling her? Got into the Admin area and it was really strange --- there was an expiration date of 5/14, but credit card info was all up to date. OPened a support ticket and by mid morning, tech support at TP had it straightened out. Not really sure how that happened in the first place.

Woke around 3 a.m. to the sound of thunder and soft rain. Fell back to blissful sleep. It's supposed to rain through Sunday morning, with some lightning. It's probably not even worth packing for a lunchtime swim but maybe I'll get a break.

I guess a man died in an accident during the dust storm yesterday -- he was the younger brother of one of Steve's H.S. classmates. So sad.

Dust storms in Central Illinois? Driving at lunch yesterday, I had to get on the interstate briefly and ran into a big swath of dust where visibility was nearly zero. It was terrifying, to say the least. Cars had their flashers and lights on. Evidently the interstate was shut down not long afterwards when there were some accidents. I have lived here all my life and not seen anything like it.

When I drove home, the dust storms were continuing and it wasn't really comfortable outside with all the grit in the air. Didn't get my planned run in and overslept this morning. I'm in kind of a grouchy mood because of the weather. Whatever happened to the month of May being the nice prelude to summer? It's already in the 80s and humid.

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