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Saturday - October 25

  • 3h 00m
  • 14.70 miles
  • 12m 14s /Mi

Long run got a little messed up. Plan calls for 17 miles. Original scheme was to park downtown, run 6 or 7 miles, meet up with Mary at 8:45 and run 6 or 7 with her (well, chase after her), then we would each finish up whatever distance was left and then get sonething to eat.

drove into town in pitch blackness, freaking out because there were deer grazing along the road. I waited for one of them to commit suicide and take out my car. Didn't happen and I rolled down Fourth Street with the intention of parking in a nice well lit spot on Adams Street that was right across from Cafe Moxo. What the??? Farmers Market evidently is still going strong and vendors are setting up. Which is fine, just a surprise because typically that shuts down the first weekend in October.

What was NOT fine was that there were cops and a couple of tow trucks removing people who had parked on Adams Street. I guess a lot of other people didn't know the market was going on as well Felt kind of bad for them. I saw one car with a 26.2 sticker in the window, so pretty sure it was a running group who met up super early.

SO...just parked on Fourth Street, which is safe enough, headed out on my run. Got 4 miles along and decided it was time for a podcast. Pulled out the phone and saw a text message from Mary that their grandson (they have custody) had coughed all night and she was sorry, but would not be able to join me.

Could not remember the route she had worked up, plus it went through some marginal areas that are fine when you are running with someone, but not to be entered solo. Made up a route using my best guess at distances, decided 15ish was enough for now.

If I get ambitious I'll go out this afternoon and do a second run to get the full mileage.

Friday - October 24

  • 49m
  • 3.90 miles
  • 12m 33s /Mi

Slow run, felt really congested and took more walk breaks than usual. The air is pretty dusty from all the harvesting.

Thursday - October 23

Overslept, and we have a social thing this evening, so probably no workout today

Wednesday - October 22

  • 15m

Myrtle routine
FB slams, l/center/r

Tuesday - October 21

  • 1h 23m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 11m 51s /Mi

Gorgeous night for a run. Supposed to be 8 miles but hey, it was getting late. Need to get faster.

  • 10m

30 squats
40 incline pushups
30 one arm rows using KB
10 tricep press using KB
60 second plank

Monday - October 20

  • 1h 10m
  • 5.35 miles
  • 13m 05s /Mi

Legs tired and stomach was kind of complaining about the 4 pumpkin bars that I ate on Sunday, so walked a lot in the last two miles.

Sunday - October 19

Big family cookout at my sister's place today --- did a bit of hiking after lunch but otherwise, no workouts for today. Loving this crisp fall weather!

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