Cateye Strada Cadence CC-RD200

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"It has the basic features, is small and easy to mount on the bike. The main problems are that it is a little tricky to get the magnet to work with the reciever as it is a very short distance that it picks up the signal from the spokes and that the unit corrodes if you ever get it wet. They did replace the first unit, but the second unit is now having problems. It does not rain that often where I live, but these things should not be made out of sugar so that they melt whenever they get wet. One set corruded because a drop of sweat dripped down the side of the unit and into the head. One drop of sweat can destroy this thing. It is amazing that they sell it with such fragile components. The replacement unit is having problems after I was out in a 5 minute rain shower. Common guys these are bikes, we ride them outside, it does sometimes rain outside. "Baowolf


Ease of installation

It takes a little wile to get the wires all at the right length.


Ease of use

Use is fairly straight forward.


Quality of Construction

The thing is destroyed by rain, not so good.



It fit the bike well enough.



Fairly easy to read, although the smaller numbers coud be better.



Rain destroys/corrodes the connections between the head and the mounting bracket.



Not worth it if it needs to be replaced each time it rains.



It could be a little easier to read.


Customer Service

They did replace the first unit, not sure if they will do so again as the 2nd one is now acting up.



When it is not raining it works fine or when you are not sweating.


It has the the basic features one needs, speed, distance, average speed indicator, cadence, etc.


If you ride in the rain, the computer connections corrode making the unit useless.

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