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"With the right fit, this bike should make a difference in the qwuality of your experiences. I won't say it will make you faster, but it has improved my times from last summer. On the same routes in similar conditions, I am about 1.0 mph faster right now. Stellar."Rollin' Thunder


Ease of use

It is never easy to use, but access to all the right parts for regular maintenance is fabulous.


Quality of Construction

The P2C is one of the most well put together bikes. I loved the price point and the quality of the components offered. The LBS I worked with (Canyon Bikes) took the time to educate me on the proper care and feeding of a carbon frame.



Paid the extra cash for the extra time and attention on my fit. I wasn't crazy about the fit because it felt uncomfortable at the LBS, but I decided to give the fit 200 miles and then keep the fit or bring it back in. I kept the fit and swallowed a little humble pie.



Still get a little tight in the upper body after about 50 miles, but I think that is a function of conditioning and not the fit.

The road noise really dropped from my Felt S22 to the P2C. The same roads do not seem like they are all cratered anymore.



Again, this bike is very adjustable. I have the new torque wrench from Park Tools on the way so I can make sure I take care of that carbon frame when tighening bolts, etc.



Don't know yet. So far, it has been great.



Great bike at this price range. Lots of bike for your dollar.



Well, I'm on it, right?


Customer Service

Haven't needed it yet...



Great bike at a great price. I think I am a Cervelo convert.I like smaller manufacturers, but when I started comparing the P2C with other bikes in the same price range, this bike was head and shoulders above the reat. I am very happy with my decision.


Well constructed bike with great components. I could have spent $500.00 and gone with Dura Ace components, but I didn't see the need. It seems Cervelo thought of almost everything with this ride.


The only complaint I have is my rear skewer does not tighten enough it seems. Sometimes about mid ride on a bumpy ride I will have to get off and adjust the rear wheel so it does not rub on the cutout. I will just pick up a new skewer and this problem should be solved.

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