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"For the price and my first tri bike this was a great deal. I will probably upgrade a few things and eventually toss some different wheels on it and then it will last me for a while. Maybe all the way to Kona. Who knows."Hingram


Quality of Construction

Well put together and well thought out all in all.



My LBS took time and fit me on this bike. I looked at this and the Cannondale at my LBS after looking at other bikes at other shops. I tested all and this was most stable under me. I am pleased.



Third ride was CannonMan 1/2 Ironman 54 miles on a hilly course and I was comfortable in the drops for most of the ride. First half and I loved it.



Seat post has two fittings. One for TT and one for TRI and that messes with water cage fit. You can order a different post from S but I am not sure the cost is worth it.



Not sure yet. Will let you know.



I thought this was a good value. Nice bang for the buck for a well designed bike. I am not a "big bike company" guy and most bikes (Moots / IF) are custom built but I went with this and am pretty happy. Big companies have ability to test and test again.



I live in Pittsburgh so the Black and Gold is appreciated more by the locals than my me. But it is only a color.


Customer Service

I e-mailed S with my question about seat posts / water bottles and they responded in one day with a complete answer and suggestions. Not too bad.



I like the fit and handling of this bike. It feels stable under me where the Cannondale felt front loaded and uncertain in the corners.


Fit, aerodynamics, adjustability, price for the money


Brake leavers STINK and need to be replaced before you even leave the shop.

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