CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer

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"Overall this was a perfect investment as I cannot stand exercising outside in the cold weather. Of course riding on the trainer is extremely boring if you don't have something to keep your mind preoccupied with. I definitely sweat a great deal more when I am on the trainer than when I simply out riding and that's for obvious reason but when I'm done getting a session in on the trainer I know I've gotten a good workout."DanKalbacher


Ease of installation

Fairly easy to set up and can't remember having an difficulty except trying to figure out how the resistance wheel goes because the manual wasn't for the Mag but rather the fluid. Nothing you can't figure out with trial and error I guess.


Ease of use

No problems


Quality of Construction

Solid without any worries about it coming apart or causes my the crash.



Once you figure out where to put the set up regarding the rear wheel you won't have to change it and you'll be good to go.



I can do a good protion of the adjusting through switching of gears.



So far so good.



Decent price but I also purchased the front riser which I found is a must and the sweat catcher as I sweat pretty profusely.


Customer Service

My bike store gave me solid tips and stuff but haven't had any issues that have needed a "Customer Service" intervention.



Great performance that gives me a good off-season/indoor workout.


Compact when stored, sturdy when riding on it, no real concerns about being unsteady to include when I stand.


No real weaknesses that I can tell. The vibrations take some getting used to especially when sitting on it for a while I found my lower area gets numb and that forces me to get off for a few minutes but I'm told that's normal.

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