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"Overall I really like these running shoes. These are the first pair of Brooks I have run in and I have not been disappointed. The fit is excellent- my wide feet and tall arch fit in very nicely with no discomfort. "ferretracer


Ease of installation

Plenty of room for my wide feet with a high arch (not from underneath, but my foot from top to bottom is "taller" than normal feet).


Quality of Construction

I have only run a few miles in them on the road, but I have noticed no unusual wear or seam poppings.



These shoes fit great! They are wide enough in the "normal" 11.5 for my wide feet to fit and (as mentioned above) my unusually sized foot height also fits in nicely. There is plenty of room for foot expansion on impact for my toes to spread without going over the edges of the bottom or pressing on the sides too much (I had that problem with the Saucony Kinvara's).



These shoes are very comfortable. They are considered a neutral running shoe (but not minimalist by any standard at all!) that has adequate cushioning on the bottoms. The upper has a nice feel to them. I did walk around the house in them sockless for quite a while (it's winter now) and my feet felt good in them. I had wanted something with more padding on the bottoms because of a foot injury I am coming back from and need it for the road and these have plenty of it. The inside bottom is made of a material that will slightly mold to your foot as you run. I did give this a 4 not because of fit comfort, but because of the weight. They do not "disappear" as I run. When running in the Kinvara's I did not feel them, but they are two different styles as well. Another plus for comfort is that I have been having pain from swelling in and around some bones in my left foot (I'm on anti-inflammatory and painkiller) and have had no pain while running up to 3 miles at a time in these!



I am not rating this, yet. I have only had them for a month. I was told by the running store I bought them from (I'm a frequent customer) that they should last for at least 500 miles. I'll update this in a hundred miles or so.



So far, to me, they are worth the value. I was hesitant to pay 130, but the trail shoes I wanted were on sale so that helped. If they truly last the 500 miles I was told, then yes! So this will be updated when I retire these sneakers!



Appearance doesn't really matter to me. These are not overly flashy. The ones I bought are mostly a grayish color with a tad bit of blue and black and the laces are white. I just looked up the color it's silver/royal.


Customer Service

Not needed.



So far, they have been performing nicely!


Fit, 10mm heel to toe drop is nice, construction, nice wide toe box.


Weight, but they are not a racing flat or minimalist sneaker. I'm not sure how they compare in weight to other similar style running shoes. They are 12.7 oz for size 9- I have not weighed my 11.5's. Cost- $130 seems steep to me, but if they last 500 miles, then they will have been worth it

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