Garmin Forerunner 305

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"I am very pleased with this watch, the price I got it for, and I would recommend it to someone wanting a cheaper GPS watch but didn't want to spend $200+."KevinTapscott


Ease of installation

My Garmin Forerunner 305 was extremely easy to install, turn on, and figure out. With a brief glance over the instruction manual and familiarizing myself with the functions and modes, I was off and running with my new Forerunner.


Ease of use

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is very easy to use. As of yet I am only familiarized with the basic functions such as pace, distance, time, and heart rate, but I have no doubt that using other functions and installing the hardware on my computer to dissect my runs would be easy.


Quality of Construction

The construction of this watch is very sturdy. It does not feel cheap and like it would hold up easily to accidental drops.



This watch fits perfectly fine. It is definitely larger than any watches I have every worn before, but because of its functionality and what it is meant to do, the large face is perfectly fine. It fits well on my wrist and does not move around a whole lot. I forget it is even there right after I start my run.



The watch is comfortable on my wrist. The heart rate monitor strap that goes across my chest is a little uncomfortable. I haven't really utilized the heart rate monitor that much by training with heart rate in mind, but it works great. I am very aware that the strap is across my chest and it regularly feels like it is slipping down my body.



Everything is easily adjustable and can fit any size person.



This watch feels very durable and I believe strongly that it will hold up for quite a while.



The value for which I bought this watch was great! It was $149.99 online at Best Buy But I had about $120 worth of gift cards which I got through a gift, Thank You points from my Citibank credit card, and selling a few video games for store credit. I only spent $40 on this watch! I am extremely happy with the watch for what I spent on it!



This watch has a very appealing appearance despite its large, bulky face.



So far this watch has performed flawlessly for what I intended to get out of it. It has many functions that I have yet to tap into, but it works great!


Ease of use, functionality, price, many features, looks good, feels durable, will last a long time.


Rather bulky watch, heart rate monitor chest strap is awkward to get use to wearing and feels like it is slipping down (but it has yet to come close to falling off. It just feels that way.), and sometimes it takes a while to get a satellite signal but that could be because I'm near trees or something.

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