Garmin Forerunner 910XT

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"Overall I'm very happy with the watch"DJBurton65


Ease of installation

Ant Stick has worked fine with the watch - took a while to figure out how to get swim workouts to upload to beginner tri


Ease of use

After having a Garmin 305 the 910 wasn't too hard to figure out for running and biking but the swim metrics took some time to work out. Basically, when you stop for rest intervals, you want to hit lap so that it knows you are on a rest interval otherwise it will tend to add distance to your workout. When you are swimming outdoors you need to swim for at least 100 yd without turning or you will come up short on your distances


Quality of Construction

Really solid - no issues after one year of use in the pool, at the beach, biking and running.



It feels a little big when I'm trying to pull a Jacket over it but as a man of average size I don't have any problems with it on my wrist - my wife doesn't find it comfortable however - she prefers her 305



No issues with sliding around or feeling too tight



The band is very adjustable with holes every 10mm or so



No problems after a year



It's expensive but there really isn't anything else that does everything for the triathlete



It's big and bulky but not as bad as the 305



I've been a little disappointed with the run accuracy - generally pretty good but it doesn't ping as often as the 305 - so it cuts off more corners


One watch does it all - I press start as I run into the water and lap when I cross each mat and I capture my whole race. The battery life is also great


Doesn't seem quite as accurate as my old 305 on the run. When I do laps at the back of the swim area during the summer the gps really lags and shows the laps as very short.

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