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"Without debate the best training product ever invented for the bike outside of the actual trainer unit. An amazing value, this product set the bar tremendously high and deserves to rule the roost for years."fisherman76


Ease of installation

The software installs quickly on a windows box, as does the garmin software for the USB stick required to receive the data from your bike sensors. Pairing is quick and easy between the bike and computer. I do recommend having a fair amount of memory if you're planning to use videos with it though, or the video will skip (I only have 2gb on the laptop I run it on, and it's not enough)


Ease of use

You choose your trainer, pick a session, and go. It's pretty much for dummies, except you're training with power, which means you're no dummy!


Quality of Construction

The software is written by guys that understand functionality needs to be solid and intuitive, and they achieved this. The price point is just right, and offers stellar value.



I just want to give them five stars for everything.



More five stars!



If you need to make changes for your bike wheel size, trainer, FTP, weight, name,'s all achievable in a clear, easy to understand screen. In ride is simple...just stop pedaling and it pauses. Start again and it starts. Screen resizing is also intuitive, there is truly nothing hard to figure out.



Outside of the annoyance of having to upgrade adobe air every couple months, each release is highly stable. Bugs are addressed quickly and professionally.



Simply the best thing you can do for your cycling. A computrainer costs thousands and does. The. Same. Thing. Bam.



The graphics look great, to the point where even while blood is gushing from your eye sockets on hard rides, you still don't mind it or have nightmares about the color scheme.


Customer Service

The owners/developers respond to inquiries via email within 24 hours. Doesn't get any better.



Like I said, it's a computrainer for peanuts.


You get better on the bike and you don't go poor.


None. At all.

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