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"Overall I am pleased with this bike. I was a bit hesistant to purchase having read all of the terrible reviews on this and other sites but I think those pertain to the 1st generation TDF whereas I have a 2nd Gen TDF and many of these issues seem to have been fixed as the salesman assured me. I would still prefer to be on the road but due to the number of people I personally know that have recently been injured or even died from bike crashes, I have switched to training much more indoors. Doing so on a trainer has been miserable. I am signed up for IM Chattanooga this year and will have to do some long rides indoors and have finally found a vehicle that will allow me to train with much greater ease and conveniece."jrobatc


Ease of installation

The hardest part of installation was getting this equipment out of the box by myself. It wouldnt have been nearly as hard with a second person. Otherwise, there was not much to assemble and what there was was very easy.


Ease of use

Easy as any quality spin bike. I installed my preferred Speedplay X pedals easily. Shifting gears is simple on this 2nd Generation TDF bike and made to more closely simulate a road bike changing gears including big ring/small ring on left handle bar with cassette shifting on right handle bar. Seat, handle bars adjust easily as well.


Quality of Construction

Whisper quiet, seems durable so far. A little loose in the handle bars but not problematic.



Easy to adjust seat and handle bars. Pedals are slightly wider than on a road bike but that seems to be the case on most spin/stationary bikes due to design.



Seat is a bit hard but can easily be replaced by any preferred seat from road bikes.



Easy to adust seat and handle bars. Seat also slides fore and aft to give a tri-bike fit.



Seems durable but I've only had it for two months.



Compares with many quaility commercial grade spin bikes in price and usefulness. Includes a power meter which justifies the price alone.



They really look better than just about any spin bike on the market.


Customer Service

Haven't had need for customer service as of yet.



This is the 2nd Generation TDF bike and many of the problems described with the 1st Gen TDF have been fixed. I have had NO problems so far. Designing my own courses using iFit has been easy and my bike has never had any problems with my Wi-Fi or interruptions during rides. I get a great workout every time. Different ways to train; manual mode where you ride as long as you want and manually adjust gears and incline. The other mode is following programmed courses. This WILL give you a workout with frequent variation in incline. The computer adjusts the resistance along with the incline so you will be adjusting gears with this in order to maintain cadence and power. I think this happens too much when I ride a programmed course that I put in to simulate some of my regular outdoor rides (the simulated course changes incline and resistance way more noticeably when compared to a real ride along the same course) but it does make for an intense workout. The map feature is great for showing where you are on the course but if you are expecting live video streaming of the course you will be dissapointed. It shows a series of still images of where you are on the course. Perhaps the technology will soon come along for a more virtual live imaging to simluate a real ride will be available in the future. All in all, many ways to train and get a good workout with continuous feedback of speed, cadence, AND power. I DO prefer this to using my trainer. Standing while pedaling is not as smooth as a real bike but it still works well with non of the slippage described with the 1st GEN TDF. I really cant stand on my Tri-bike when set up in the trainer so this is a welcome feature and allows for longer training than i can tolerate on my trainer. The gearing can also be configured to preference and shifting is set up to simulate a real bike with changing gears including big ring/small ring on left handle bar with cassette shifting on right handle bar.


Power meter, iFit technology, smooth resistance, whisper quiet, easily adjustible, computer provides continuous metrics, many ways to train including Google Maps courses allowing for self designed courses or many famous courses already available through iFit, automatic incline adjusting by computer (can also be shut off if desired), ease of changing gears including big ring/small ring on left handle bar with cassette shifting on right handle bar. Ability to change out seat and pedals to allow use of your preferred pedals and seat.


A little too sensitive to gradient changes on simulated courses when compared to how the same course would feel on an actual ride.

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