Garmin Forerunner 310xt

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"All around solid piece of equipment for training and racing. Bought another one so that's a pretty good endorsement of the product. Does everything I need it to do."slornow


Ease of installation

Pretty easy to get set up. Always a little learning curve in the beginning but fairly straight forward.


Ease of use

I am sure I don't use all of the bells and whistles but tracks all of the data I need for training and racing and allows easy download to the computer.


Quality of Construction

No problems during the time I used it.



Fir is fine with the adjustable wristband but wish the watch itself were slimmer.



Size is distracting at first but no problems.



No problems over the almost 4 years I used it



Was a little price when I bought in 2010 but was cutting edge back then. Just purchased a new one in late 2013 and they are well under $200



Again, a little big and goofy looking orange color but not a concern



Worked really well up until about 4-5 months ago when I started having trouble getting it to download data to the computer. Tried everything but could not fix the problem. So, ended up buying a new one in December. 2013


Does everything the new 910xt does except for tracking the swim. I don't use my 310xt for that so the 310xt does everything I need. Almost went with the 910xt to replace the 310xt but had such good luck with the 310xt over the years I decided to stick with it....also much less expensive than the 910xt currently.


The download from the watch to the computer can be finicky. Seems to have been resolved in the watch I purchased in Dec. 2013

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