Fuji Altamira 3.0

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"In short, this is a great bike for beginner to intermediate cyclists. It is a great value and is very smooth, quiet and quick. I'm sure a true advanced cyclists would find some fault with it but for the majority of us it is a great bike!"Aarondb4


Quality of Construction

For a cheaper carbon bike this bike has held up very well. It is reasonably stiff and decently light. I may want to upgrade to a stiffer frame at some point, but as of yet I am unable to outride this bike's abilities.



Easy to fit, plenty of variables that are easy to change.



Bike is very smooth and quiet, was very comfortable on my first STP ride last year.



Haven't had any break downs yet. The bike itself is very sturdy and the Shimano 105's work great!



I got this bike at the grand opening of a Performance Bike shop. Claims it lists for $2,500 but I got a steal at $1,200. Most likely more of an $1,800-$2,000 bike but I still got a great deal and am very happy with it so far.



Good looking bike. I like some of the sharper lines on some of the higher end bikes, and the Cervelo S5 is my dream bike, but this bike looks just fine for the price point.


Customer Service

Customer service at the Performance Bike I bought at was great. Since then a local shop has opened so they get all my business now. But if not for them I would still be patronizing Performance Bike.



The bike is still faster than I am. I am by no means a great cyclist, but this bike performs great for me. I raced a crit one weekend, then did the 200 mile STP the next weekend. Bike performed great for both rides.


Smooth, comfortable, good value.


The 105's work fine but are not "top of the line" but that is not the bike's fault. The oval wheels that came with the bike have worked fine so far. The stock tires had to be replaced after two seasons, the rear blew a hole though the tread so I took the opportunity to get some Conti's.

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