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"I wanted power on a new road bike, didn't want to spend a lot, and the bike I was looking at was a scratch-and-dent model that was missing a crankset, so the shop had a Shimano 105 crank set sitting around. So it worked out for me to go with Stages. Having a Power Tap on a race wheel, I even set up a DC Rainmaker-esque comparison on the trainer; stages meter and powertap wheel, both recording to their own head-units. Overlayed the data plots, and they are indistinguishable, outside of differences in filtering between the two."tcj103


Ease of installation

Non drive crank arm installation. Swap from one bike to another in minutes


Ease of use

Pairs with ant+ head units, or Bluetooth smart/4.0 (iPhone 4s and newer, Android not sure). No issues with re-pairing,


Quality of Construction

No issues so far, the unit has been through wet conditions and not had any problems.



About 1500 miles, no issues so far



Power meters aren't cheap, but this is and provides "real" power, i.e. measuring force and RPM



First, DC Rainmaker has as usual an exhaustive study on the accuracy and precision of this power meter. A lot has been said of the left-leg only thing. This power meter measures the force your leg puts on the non-drive crank arm, and "doubles" it to get power. Accelerometers inside the unit sense revolutions. For an age grouper, I think the cost of this power meter is well worth the limitation of not knowing left/right leg power differences.


Price, simplicity in setting up on the bike, temperature compensation.


Not having left/right balance. Also, the model line up is limited to metal-only cranks arms, carbon isn't practical for calibration. So if you have a carbon crankset, either look at another power meter, or get a new crank set.

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