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Diadora Ironheart Triathlon/Cycling Shoe

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"Good shoe, though I would reather spend about $200 on something else!"Ron


Ease of use

Easy to use, if you know how to use clip-less.


Quality of Construction

Construction seems of good quality. Nothing has fallen apart.



A nice, snug fit.



On longer rides, my toes tend to get a little cramped. Maybe I just need to get used to it or need a shoe with a wider toe-box.



Has 1 wide Velcro strap to fasten on the top. The bottom has 3 adjustable screws for the cleats-which I haven't used yet. The Velcro straps sometimes comes undone at the ends hitting the crank arm though as when I fasten the velcro strap, there is about an inch of the strap hanging off.



The shoe has been very durable, The cleats are starting to wear from transitions but they are replaceable of course, the more you use them, the more wear. Could be why I am having a little more trouble attaching to the pedal.



It's the individual compononents like shoes and pedals that can really add to the price of your bike, this is one of them...I would have liked to not have to spend this much money.



It looks good. When I first got this shoe it was soley to coordinate colors with the bike and jersey-as the only other lesser expensive brand was red. I knew nothing about the shoe.



It has worked great so far.


It's my first clipless shoe system. So I don't have a frame of referance but is has performed perfect for my rides which has been less then 15 miles.


Only 'peeve' I have is the end of the strap that has nothing to velcro onto, sometimes it flaps against my pedal arm.

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