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"The MSRP on this bike is $2699. I paid $2295, plus the upgraded cockpit. The 2500 price point is very competative right now, and you can get a great bike for that price. The battle is pretty much between the Felt B12 and the Cervelo P2C, which MSRP's for $100 less. You can't go wrong with either, but the Cervelo is due for a restyling, so what you buy now, may be out of date much faster than the Felt styling which was new last year, and is very current.

At this time, I absolutely recommend this bike. I will update the review as time goes on.


Ease of installation

Bike came in a box as I bought it online from an out of state retailer. It was very easy to assemble what I needed to.


Ease of use

Designed for Ages 10 and up.


Quality of Construction

Excellent. Solid. So far, it feels great. No extra noises.



Felt is known for slightly longer top tubes, which is really good for shorter legs, longer torso body types. While it's good for all body types, it is something to consider if you are like me.



Excellent. I upgraded the cockpit to a Profile Design Cobra (Carbon) wing, and T2 Plus cobra (carbon) aero bars. Everything feels great. Please note, I cannot speak for stock, but I assume it to be pretty similar as the Aero's are the aluminum version of the T2's.



Very adjustable seat position. front to rear, up to down. Very adjustable wing and aero bars (upgrade), 5 spacers for cockpit height. You can get really aggressive on this if you want to.






Um.. great. Got a great deal.



Black Carbon Weave. Clear Coat. Fast.


Customer Service

So far so good.



Excellent to this point. I will update this over time. The wheels that come stock are 40mm deep rims. Very aero. Very fast.


Ultegra SL in Ice Grey ice amesome looking. Great components, and great color scheme. Clear coat over Carbon Weave. The wheels are the best value anywhere. 40mm deep TT3 rims. They have been rated as fast as other wheels that cost thousands more. (PM for link to article)


The stock cockpit is seriously lacking. Felt's stock base bar is as cheap as they come, and not the least bit Aero. I have upgraded to the Profile Design Cobra Wing, and T2+ Cobra Aero bars.

The seat is ok. Better than the stock seat on the bike I bought in 2005. That being said, you will probably upgrade this, as most people get something that works best for them.

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