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Weight Training for Mass

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Weight Training for Mass

The program necessary to put on muscle.

by Ron

It's very important to find the right program for gaining muscle mass.  I have experimented with quite a few before finding one that works like a champ.  Basically you work each body part only one time a week and give it at full six days for rest.  This also leaves fewer body parts being sore at one time.  I used to work muscle groups out 2-3 times a week...I never gained mass and I was always sore all over.  You will find that you are injured much less frequently too on this program.  I recommend that you do the following program in the sequence that I have showed to maximize each training session.  Ladies, see the * at the bottom for a variation to the the following routine.

Monday Chest, Triceps: Flat and Incline Bench followed by Triceps: Nose Crunchers, Standing Pulley Push-downs and Dips or substitute in Narrow Grip Flat Bench.

Tuesday  -  Back, Abdominals:  Start with Wide Grip Pull-ups behind the head, then Upright Rows followed by Shrugs.  Whatever you want to do with Abs.

Wednesday  - Off

Thursday  - Legs, Abdominals:  Regular Squats first always!  Then I do Smith Machine Squats with me feet ahead of my body.  You can also substitute/add in Hamstring Curls, Leg Extensions and Calf Raises.  Whatever you want to do with Abs.

Friday  -  Shoulders, Biceps:  I always start with Military Presses - my favorite power movement, then onto Dumbbell Raises in front.  Biceps are last.  In no particular order, I do Bent Barbell Curls, then Dumbbell Curls ending with Straight Bar Curls.

Saturday, Sunday - Off

Sets and Repetitions

All of the above exercises are done in 5 sets.  On heavy days: First set is the warm-up of 15 reps which is easily done.  Second set go immediately to about 80% of your max - about 5-6 reps. Third, Fourth and Fifth sets go to your max or heavier than your max - you will only be able to get 1-2 on your own (HAVE A SPOTTER TO HELP YOU AND TO PUSH YOUR LIMITS SO YOU CAN GROW!).  On light days:  First set is the warm-up of 15 reps which is easily done.  Second set, add enough weight to comfortably get 10 reps.  Third, Fourth and Fifth sets add enough weight to barely get 6 reps.  I alternate heavy and light days depending on how I feel.  Maybe go light for a month then heavy for the next month.

*Of course, depending on what you personally want to gain, you may just want to do the light days routine.  And ladies, maybe keep your reps between 10 and 15 - unless you want the Arnold look - it's cool though.  And maybe just do 2 exercises per body part, not three.


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