Speedfil Z4

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"It's works. It holds a bottle and attaches your Garmin. I like it a lot better than the other Speedfil options out there, but for racing I have reverted back to just zip tieing a cage and using a garmin mount between the aero bars at the shifters since the profile is much lower and I don't risk losing any fluids or possibly a bottle. It is a very clean design and if you don't leave your bottles open like I do this could be a perfect solution for you. "Clempson


Ease of installation

Pretty simple to install. Speedfil even included multiple slots for zip ties in many locations for the mount.


Ease of use

Pretty simple. Put in bottle. Lock in the garmin.


Quality of Construction

Looks to be pretty durable and the garmin mount is very solid, no wobbling around.



So far mine has held up very well.



Can't really give this a high rating, its a cage with a Garmin mount. You could use any cage and somehow mount a Garmin on it or around it.



Looks good, but it is a little tall, especially once you add the additional height of the Garmin



I like it but... the stackup is too tall when you add the Gamin mount in my opinion. Also the cage itself is very tight, which is good for not letting the bottle move, but I found mine still slipped a little and the compression would actually squeeze liquid out the cap (Camelbak bottles). I don't have either of these issues with just a cage zip tied in place.


combines the BTA and computer mount in a single package.


The cage is very tight causing loss of hydration and the stack height with a garmin installed is pretty tall.

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