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If you haven't already, this is a great time to look at what you’ve accomplished and to start planning for 2015.

Most swimming improvements happen in the pool with a focus on technique and building aerobic fitness, but don't ignore the need for open water familiarization. Here are three tips to reduce anxiety.

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The Old Fat Triathlete
At 63 years old and 50 lbs overweight I decide to do a triathlon.
Should Athletes Avoid Junk Food?
Many athletes go to great extremes to eat healthfully. There is no such thing as a “bad food.” There is a bad diet, yes, as judged by looking at the whole day’s intake.
Newbie to Heart-Rate Training
While running, I've been really struggling to keep my heart rate down in the zone 2-3 range as frequently prescribed in the plan. This seems too slow?
Compression Fracture and Lingering Back Muscle Pain
Can you give me any information as to why those muscles are still feeling sore and if this will affect my training long term? I'm planning on doing a full Ironman in 2016.
Excruciating Hamstring Cramps
I'm doing my third IM in a week and a half and right now my hamstrings are a mess--sore, tight, cramping too often. I'm desperate. Is there anything I haven't tried?
Stress Fracture from Minimalist Shoes?
I was running and after about half a mile in I started to feel some pain on the outside of my left foot. I was running in Vibram's on soft trail and this was not the first time I have done this.

Gear Reviews

Velo Plush VL31 HD Womens saddle w/D2 Base
Very happy with this saddle.
Cervelo P2K
Overall great bike!!! I love not only the price but the way the bike handles. I will stay with Cervelo for now on. I have the 404 on front and 808 Zipp wheels on back. Very lig[...]

Race Reports

Ironman 70.3 California Oceanside
This is my must-do race. I can see why it sells out faster every year, and why so many of my friends will do it next time. Here are this year's re[...]
VAYP Smoothie King 5K
Free beer and breakfast, with the Sharkey's home made granola bars as well. Oh yeah!
Yakima River Canyon Marathon
The course is one of the most beautiful anywhere. With the road being closed one can fully appreciate the peaceful of the surroundings. The event is very well organized and is an [...]
  • The Old Fat Triathlete

    Last August I turned 63. At 6' tall I was over 245 lb. I had always been somewhat athletic (a scholarship football player in college) but certainly never anything close to an elite athlete. As I got older I was able to hold my own in the local touch football league, and during the first running craze in the '70's when [...]

  • My First Triathlon, Where I Learned That I Am Indeed a Land Mammal

    I started to worry when I noticed the wetsuits. Hanging over the bars where we had to rack our bikes in the transition area were several wetsuits. Hmmm. The website said the water would be in the mid-70s, and you can trust anything you read on the Internet, right? But there were all those wetsuits. Well, whatever, I th[...]

  • My 1st Triathlon!

    I had set my eyes on the Naperville all women's sprint triathlon four years ago and I trained with a beginner's training program from beginnertriathlete.com for four months for the 750k swim, 14 mile bike, and 5k run. Cut to a week before the race, and I get the biggest news of my life...I'm pregnant! Although obviousl[...]

  • My First Tri

    Go to the bar or go to the workout?  It all started late last summer, I was looking back at what my life had become over the past few years.  I figured out that I was one of the citie's biggest bar-stars, going out 4-6 nights a week, somehow staying out until 2am and getting up in the morning, going to work, [...]

  • Holy Cow, I'm A Triathlete!

    The Distance:  600 meter swim.  18 mile bike.  A 5k run.  The race, Iron Girl Syracuse.  Experience...amazing.The day before. Starting out calm, but feeling my nerves increase like the tide coming in.   My sister-in-law, God bless her, drove up with her youngest (15 years old) to chee[...]

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    I just completed my first 70.3
    I just completed my first 70.3 in Lake Stevens, Washington on Sunday, 7/21. It [...]
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    The training program was great!
    The training program was great, I just finished my first race yesterday. I thor[...]
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    BT is THE site for triathletes
    BT is THE site for triathletes - new and seasoned! I've been tracking my workou[...]
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    I have used several BT training programs and have had great success with them.