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You're Ready...Is Your Bike? Common problems that ruin race day:


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Gear Reviews

Pjur Active 2Skin Anti Chafing Gel
Pjur Active 2Skin is great. I received my first product free as a trial, and I gave it a thorough test. Within a few weeks, after using the sample in every workout, I came back and[...]
De Soto Tri-Shorts
They don't even make the style of tri shorts I'm reviewing anymore, but when a pair wore out last week after literally 18 years of frequent use, I felt compelled to write a review.[...]

Race Reports

Columbia River Triathlon
Overall this was a good race. WHY racing always does a great job on organizing and has plenty of knowledgeable volunteers. Great music, great post-race food and beer! My only com[...]
Ironman Lake Placid
Great race totally recommend for anyone looking to do a WTC Ironman.
Budapest Night run
Great race but boring course
  • How it all started...

    I am a 44 year old father of a 10 year girl. When she was 8 and riding her bike pretty good, she was complaining that she wanted to ride further than we would let her by herself. So I bought an old 3 speed Schwinn off Craigs List and we started going for bike rides on the local bike trails. Eventually I was riding by m[...]

  • My First Triathlon (and my Daughter's Third)

    Note: This race report was from my first triathlon about a year ago. I just completed this same triathlon last weekend (as did my daughter) with significantly better results. Since this first triathlon, I’ve gone hardcore into the sport. I train 6-8 hours a week, completed 3 other tri’s last year, and have [...]

  • First Tri: Don't Fall Off Your Bike

    I needed to reduce my BMI for health reasons and I spent all winter in spinning class and swimming back and forth in the pool, keeping up with my steps on FitBit until one day I asked my step-brother, a Triathlete, what are my goals?  How much riding in place, pool laps and steps are “good”?  With[...]

  • First IM: Racing after breaking a toe

    Hello, my name is Corey Pesson aka CPesson and this is my journey and story. It all started about three years ago when several friends talked me into getting a road bike and start training and racing. After doing so, it wasn’t very long I was asked to do my first sprint triathlon. Now although it was a bit of a s[...]

  • First: Done. On to the Second!

    So, I finished my first sprint triathlon. I enjoyed it and want more. In preparation for the next one, which is going to be held in March, I created a training plan to balance of what I can do better in training and racing.I did my first triathlon in October 28th 2015. It was the 5th race of the Copa Brasil Triathlon c[...]

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    Best site I've found on the web.
    I just thought I'd drop a line.  Having only taken up the sport 18 months ago I [...]
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    BT is an invaluable resource
    I've done a lot of running in the past three years but only started triathlons l[...]
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    They're astonishingly brilliant!
    Just took advantage and got a gold membership. Then I set about making a custom [...]
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    Thank You! This site is all good!! Now all I have to do is just get pass the s[...]