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Vegetarian Athletes, Antibiotics in Meat, and Artificial Sweeteners
Hot topics in food and nutrition: Updates from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics


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What are your thoughts on nutrition for a 3 to 3 1/2 hour Olympic triathlon?

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Race To The Race
My race from obesity to Vineman 70.3
It’s Time to Stop Stretching Your Hamstrings
Your dumb muscles, and how injury relates to core stability
Medial Knee Ligament: Time Off
How much rest is required in a half-iron training schedule to rehab a strained medial knee ligament?
Ruptured Eardrum: Ruptured Tympanic Membrane
What are the activity restrictions when recovering from a ruptured eardrum?
Do You Have What it Takes to be a Triathlete?
Character attributes and temperament of successful triathletes.
Groin Pull: Recovery?
What is the normal recovery time and therapy for a groin pull injury?

Gear Reviews

Desoto forza
needs to be more water repellent (thus lighter) with less padding; quicker drying, etc., simply put.
XTerra Vortex Sleeveless
Poor fit for me personally. Good price. As I needed a wetsuit quickly the freight charges for two orders added up as I did not have time to do an exchange versus refund. Then th[...]

Race Reports

Pinehurst Turkey Trot 10K
Nice low key race that caters to families. Bounce houses, pizza and food, good music, and a few booths.
Monster Dash 5k
Good race. Events ran 10-15 minutes behind because organizers wanted to thank everyone before the fun run and the 5k. Seemed a bit much. Overall, great race. Good turnout, and ha[...]
Harbor Lights Half
Rainy cold day the cooled off as we ran. Temp dropped to mid 40s and too cold to drink a beer outside.
  • Race To The Race

    Vineman 70.3 race report I am writing this for myself and my family, friends and acquaintances who may or may not know about triathlon, or what the process was like for me to get to this point. This year was the 20th anniversary of the Vineman, and the race would be my first 70.3 distance triathlon. The Vineman[...]

  • First Tri Experience, Start to Finish

    “So, why did you decide to do a triathlon?”  This was the question I got pretty frequently, with some variations that included, “why the heck” and “what were you thinking?”  The second question I got was always, “You’re going to swim in the Schuylkill river?!&rd[...]

  • An Addiction is Born

    Six years ago I was 44 years old and weighed over 260 pounds.  If anybody had suggested to me that at age 50 I would complete a sprint-length triathlon I would have rolled my eyes at them and grabbed another doughnut.Fast forward to last year. I’ve lost over 100 pounds, been teaching spinning for three years[...]

  • Shorter than Planned but Still Sweet

    My first tri experience was initiated from watching The Biggest Loser tv show. I saw one of the contestants participate in an Ironman triathlon after competing on the show. However the real story started about eight years ago.I have battled with my weight throughout my life and as a senior in college I topped out at 36[...]

  • The Old Fat Triathlete

    Last August I turned 63. At 6' tall I was over 245 lb. I had always been somewhat athletic (a scholarship football player in college) but certainly never anything close to an elite athlete. As I got older I was able to hold my own in the local touch football league, and during the first running craze in the '70's when [...]

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    Your plan worked like a treat!
    I followed your 20 week IM training plan pretty much to the letter and completed[...]
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    I used to be a blob - now I love doing triathlons! And I just want to send thank[...]
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    BT is an essential resource. 
    Awesome site!  Full of helpful info. I did a super sprint last summer. Got total[...]
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    BT is THE site for triathletes
    BT is THE site for triathletes - new and seasoned! I've been tracking my workou[...]