Beating the Winter Blues
It's five months until race season; how will I survive?!


Don't Sweat the Gear. Do Learn to Swim.

Five things to consider in goal setting for a new year

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5 Keys for Successful Training
Check off these items each week to reach your goals!
Triathlon Training Plan with Flexible Days
Wouldn't it be cool if you could move your workouts around to different days? You can!
Do You Have a Triathlon Mentor?
Free Triathlon Online Mentoring Open Now
First: Done. On to the Second!
I ran my first triathlon and loved it!
Diagnosing heel pain
Calcaneal bursitis vs plantar fasciitis, or "osis"
Knee Pain After Cycling
IT Band Friction Causing Knee Pain in Beginner

Gear Reviews

Mongoose RX 5.3
Good bike, a bit old now but great for a trainer or a spare bike. Not expensive, and kinda cool.
Desoto forza
needs to be more water repellent (thus lighter) with less padding; quicker drying, etc., simply put.

Race Reports

Securian Winter Run
Loved this race!
Psychodelic 5K
This was a small very very fun race. Very low key, course was marked well which is good because I was worried I might make a wrong turn. Swag was a couple stickers and a coffee [...]
Goosepond Island Half Distance Triathlon
Worst race on record. Minimal training throughout the year. Had gotten burned out. Proud to have finished!
  • First: Done. On to the Second!

    So, I finished my first sprint triathlon. I enjoyed it and want more. In preparation for the next one, which is going to be held in March, I created a training plan to balance of what I can do better in training and racing.I did my first triathlon in October 28th 2015. It was the 5th race of the Copa Brasil Triathlon c[...]

  • Race To The Race

    Vineman 70.3 race report I am writing this for myself and my family, friends and acquaintances who may or may not know about triathlon, or what the process was like for me to get to this point. This year was the 20th anniversary of the Vineman, and the race would be my first 70.3 distance triathlon. The Vineman[...]

  • First Tri Experience, Start to Finish

    “So, why did you decide to do a triathlon?”  This was the question I got pretty frequently, with some variations that included, “why the heck” and “what were you thinking?”  The second question I got was always, “You’re going to swim in the Schuylkill river?!&rd[...]

  • An Addiction is Born

    Six years ago I was 44 years old and weighed over 260 pounds.  If anybody had suggested to me that at age 50 I would complete a sprint-length triathlon I would have rolled my eyes at them and grabbed another doughnut.Fast forward to last year. I’ve lost over 100 pounds, been teaching spinning for three years[...]

  • Shorter than Planned but Still Sweet

    My first tri experience was initiated from watching The Biggest Loser tv show. I saw one of the contestants participate in an Ironman triathlon after competing on the show. However the real story started about eight years ago.I have battled with my weight throughout my life and as a senior in college I topped out at 36[...]

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    BT is an essential resource. 
    Awesome site!  Full of helpful info. I did a super sprint last summer. Got total[...]
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    I used to be a blob - now I love doing triathlons! And I just want to send thank[...]
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    BT is an invaluable resource
    I've done a lot of running in the past three years but only started triathlons l[...]
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    I love the Beginner Triathlete site. Thanks for developing and maintaining a gr[...]