Felt B2 Carbon

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"A fantastically fast bike that has the looks and weight to go with it! I have not ridden anything that excels at speed as much as this bike and I have a lot of different manufacturers that I've owned or sold to compare it to. It is super "clean" in its design and the frontal area that is presented to the wind is very narrow. Highly recommenede to anyone trying to squeeze those last few mph out of their bike split."Daremo


Ease of installation

Built it up to be a complete bike with all Dura Ace components.


Ease of use

It's a bike, if you can ride, it's easy to use!


Quality of Construction

Top notch carbon work.



If you size it right, it will fit you right!



Stiff but not harsh at all.



So far, so good. No issues.



Mid-high range price for just a frame/fork combo. It's a great frame, but may be a little on the expensive side compared to some others.



Sexy, sexy sexy!!


Customer Service

You have to order/purchase the frame from an authorized shop. They had to order mine and it came in fast and well packed.



I've set PR's at all distances and had some of the top bike splits on the set-up, so I certainly can't complain!!


Very aero frame and fork. Stiff, but not harsh. All internally routed cabling. Rear brake location is shielded from wind. Aero seatpost and headset are included with frame/fork purchase.


Rear brake is a little spongy because of length of housing. Limited options for rear brake models due to its location and proximity to the bottom bracket shell.

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