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The Aggressive Couch to 5K (3mile) Program - 4 Month

OR the lead-up to any of the sprint programs.

The following tables should help you get started on a simple walk/run routine.  It is more aggressive.  You  work out three times a week at 30 minutes per session.  This program takes 16 weeks and is a quicker though steady progression from the conservative program.  Remember to eat healthy too.  Feel free to change the days if needed to convenient you, but just remember to always have a rest day between runs - you need that rest. 

You should be able to do your 5K with no walking after finishing this program provided you can maintain a 10min/mile pace.  If you are slower, its ok to still do the 5K BUT walk during it.  Don't push yourself.  OR add another month of training at the end of this program to build up to about 40minutes by increasing your duration by no more than 10% per week.

If you are experiencing joint pain during this program, it might be best to start off with biking and a decent diet to lose some extra weight that could be irritating your joints.  Also, see your doctor.  By using this program, you accept the RESTRICTIONS AND TERMS OF US

***Starting on week two, you will see that you run and walk a certain number of minutes each.  This means that you may run for 1 minute, walk for 5 minutes, run for another minute OR maybe save the running for the middle of your routine and walk before and after your running...anyways, you get the idea.  Do whatever is comfortable to do the required minutes.  However you choose to do it, you are still building up.  It is sooo important to not overdo the running...and don't even think about speed.  Run at a leisurely, comfortable pace.  It does not matter how fast other people are running.  

You will also notice in the training that the last two weeks of every phase is about the same.  I feel this is good as it is kind of a rest.  Your not going up in running minutes but just maintaining.  This will also keep you less can't constantly be improving.  To improve you need some rest stages where you go back down and some stages where you just maintain.  Remember, rest is very important in training.

Now I want you to do something...Print this routine out, put it on your refrigerator and start your first day!

Some running essentials:

  • Get fitted for a proper running shoes at a dedicated running store FIRST!!!  A lot of injuries can be avoided this way...just ask us.
  • Avoid running on asphalt or concrete....find a good, smooth trail.
  • A good warm-up is imperative to a safe run.  A recommendation is to start with a 5min walk, 1-5minute light, slow jog , 5min walk, LIGHT, gentle stetching, 5min walk THEN start your routine.  Doing this will get some blood flowing to your muscles before stretching.  NEVER stretch a cold muscle.
  • Cool-down.  Very important.  Cool-downs eliminates lactic acid, brings your heart-rate to normal and prevents muscle cramps.  Walk for at least 5-10minutes.  The more the better.  Do a LIGHT, gentle stretch session after your walk, walk some more.  Later that day/night, do a more intensive stretching.



Phase I    Walk/Run    Month 1    Mostly Walking  (Times in minutes per day)

1 Off 25/0 Off 30/0 Off Off 30/0 85/0
2 Off 27/3 Off 27/3 Off Off 27/3 81/9
3 Off 24/6 Off 24/6 Off Off 24/6 72/18
4 Off 27/3 Off 24/6 Off Off 24/6 75/15

Grand total: 313/42     


Phase - II    Walk/Run    Month 2    Mostly Walking  (Times in minutes per day)

1 Off 21/9 Off 21/9 Off Off 21/9 63/27
2 Off 18/12 Off 18/12 Off Off 18/12 54/36
3 Off 15/15 Off 15/15 Off Off 15/15 45/45
4 Off 18/12 Off 15/15 Off Off 15/15 48/42

Grand Total:  210/150     


Phase - III    Walk/Run    Month 3    Mostly Running  (Times in minutes per day)

1 Off 12/18 Off 12/18 Off Off 12/18 36/54
2 Off 9/21 Off 9/21 Off Off 9/21 27/63
3 Off 6/24 Off 6/24 Off Off 6/24 18/72
4 Off 9/21 Off 6/24 Off Off 6/24 21/69

Grand Total: 102/258      



Phase - IV    Run    Month 4    All Running   (Times in minutes per day)

1 Off 15 Off 15 Off Off 20 50
2 Off 20 Off 20 Off Off 20 60
3 Off 20 Off 25 Off Off 25 70
4 Off 25 Off 25 Off Off 30 80

Grand Total:  260      



If you will be following the sprint programs on the site, replace Phase IV with the following:

  • Will start some cycling to get up to 40minutes duration.

  • You may also start cycling earlier should you feel comfortable.  Try 2-3 times/week increasing your duration or distance by no more than 10% per week after you get past 30-40minutes.


Phase - IV    Run    Month 4    All Running/Cycling   (Times in minutes per day)

1 Off 15-Run 20-Bike 15-Run 20-Bike Off 20-Run 50-Run
2 20-Bike 20-Run 25-Bike 20-Run 30-Bike Off 20-Run 60-Run
3 20-Bike 20-Run 30-Bike 25-Run 40-Bike Off 25-Run 70-Run
4 20-Bike 25-Run 25-Bike 25-Run 25-Bike Off 30-Run 80-Run

Grand Total:  260-Run/275 Bike      



YEAAAHHHH!!!!   You did it!  By week 25, you are a full time runner.  You have now finished starting from scratch.   Hey...give me an email and tell me how you did.


At this time, you are doing some good running, it would be best to start following that 10% rule strictly from here on.  Also, start scheduling a 'rest' week every month where you decrease your training by 30-50%.






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