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Shin Splints

Diagnosing and treating shin splints

by Ron


Unfortunately one might encounter the formidable shin splint.  Treated early on, these can be treated quickly and permanently.  I had them once about 5 years ago.  My cause was changing my stride - no problems since.  Here is the run-down:



Rapid increase in speed or distance.  Little rest.

Bad running mechanics, flat arches, hard heel in shoe.

Running on concrete, asphalt or uneven ground

Needing new shoes - check your soles.




Pain.  See where the red is on picture.  Swelling or redness.  Usually more pain when resting..





Ice 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per day.

Anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen).

Massaging is often helpful.

Check your shoes and running mechanics.




Stretch all of your leg muscles (gently) before AND after the following workouts.


Start with biking or swimming which should not contribute to your injury.  A few weeks (pain free), start running at 10-40% of your prior level.


NEVER, ever go up in your training in any sport by 10% a week.  If you happen to feel like you can conquer the world that day, only do it by 10%.


Find a smooth dirt trail to run on.  It makes a world of difference compared to concrete or asphalt.  Avoid hills (at least for a while).


*I am not a professional in sports, sports medicine or the treatment of injuries.  Always seek the consultation of a professional before beginning any training program or injury treatment.

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