Total Immersion: The Backstory
An interview with Terry Laughlin


Spreadsheets for cold weather clothing

Should you continue to train outdoors during the winter time?

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Mission Critical: Strength
Six Steps When Adding Strength for Your Sport
Shin Stitches and Training
How much can I train after getting stitches?
Is a Tri Bike Harder on the Knees?
Triathlete's doctor recommends road bike over tri bike
Old and Creaky
From sedentary to World Championships
Alcohol and Training
The role of alcohol in your sports diet
Big race after a bike crash
Can I cram for my big race after having to break from training due to a crash?

Gear Reviews

Head Unisex Digital Sport Running Gloves
These are not made for Alaskan trekking in winter, but they are great fall-winter-spring gloves for running. The index finger has the electronic device pad so you can use a touch s[...]
Vibram KMD Sport LS
I love my Vibrams. Back when I wore regular "high heeled" running shoes, I had to replace them frequently. With Vibrams, there is no cushioning that becomes worn out or compacted. [...]

Race Reports

Sayre Turkey Trot
Fun family tradition, glad to be back running it this year!
Fiery Gizzard Half Marathon
Great small HARD trail race. Very low key, low frills, but this was apparent from the website. Tonos of rocks and roots, all covered with leaves to add to the difficulty. Up and [...]
Oak Hill Park Run
lovely event
  • Old and Creaky

    When I was in my mid 40's, I started feeling creaky. I thought to myself that I was too young to be old, so I decided to start getting active. I became a fair weather runner. I ran when it wasn't too hot or wasn't too cold or I wasn't too busy. As I neared 50, I felt I needed something to distract me from that mileston[...]

  • How it all started...

    I am a 44 year old father of a 10 year girl. When she was 8 and riding her bike pretty good, she was complaining that she wanted to ride further than we would let her by herself. So I bought an old 3 speed Schwinn off Craigs List and we started going for bike rides on the local bike trails. Eventually I was riding by m[...]

  • My First Triathlon (and my Daughter's Third)

    Note: This race report was from my first triathlon about a year ago. I just completed this same triathlon last weekend (as did my daughter) with significantly better results. Since this first triathlon, I’ve gone hardcore into the sport. I train 6-8 hours a week, completed 3 other tri’s last year, and have [...]

  • First Tri: Don't Fall Off Your Bike

    I needed to reduce my BMI for health reasons and I spent all winter in spinning class and swimming back and forth in the pool, keeping up with my steps on FitBit until one day I asked my step-brother, a Triathlete, what are my goals?  How much riding in place, pool laps and steps are “good”?  With[...]

  • First IM: Racing after breaking a toe

    Hello, my name is Corey Pesson aka CPesson and this is my journey and story. It all started about three years ago when several friends talked me into getting a road bike and start training and racing. After doing so, it wasn’t very long I was asked to do my first sprint triathlon. Now although it was a bit of a s[...]

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    THANK YOU for a brilliant program!
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a brilliant program for my first Ironman in C[...]
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    They're astonishingly brilliant!
    Just took advantage and got a gold membership. Then I set about making a custom [...]
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    I used to be a blob - now I love doing triathlons! And I just want to send thank[...]
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    Best site I've found on the web.
    I just thought I'd drop a line.  Having only taken up the sport 18 months ago I [...]