Orbea Triathlon Bike -Ora

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"I very pleased with this bike. I'll definitely be riding it for 1-3 years and then decide whether to upgrade. For now, it is perfect for me, and more bike than this would be wasted on me."mdickson68


Ease of installation

It came partially disassembled. My experience with bikes is limited to 1980s road bikes and commuters, so I'm not familiar with a lot of the newer technology, but I was able to piece it together. Didn't run into any serious problems.


Quality of Construction

It looks and feels very solid.



Obviously this is personal. It fits me like a dream, though it took some adjustment and flipping the seat post to get it there.



Soaks up the road better than my previous (road) bike, and somehow is still stiffer.



Again, personal. It was adjustable enough for me to make it fit.



So far so good, but it is early days....



I got this bike used. I am thrilled with it, given what I paid.



Love it.



So far, so good. Now, if I just had a better engine....


This is a real tri bike, designed to fit the rider as a tri bike should. It does me. For the price, I'm not sure you can get a better all-carbon bike. I kept my eye out for a long time, and never saw one. The components are high end (mostly dura-ace).


It's heavier than real top-end tri bikes. I personally would like a slightly stiffer bottom bracket, though this one is stiffer than my previous bike.

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