Garmin Forerunner 305

  • Price Paid:$150.00
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  • Would buy again from this company: Yes
  • Used product for: 3 years
  • # of logged workouts: 12

"for the price and feature set this is amazing piece of kit. The techie snobs will always upgrade to the next gen but paying 600+ bucks just to capture swim data is not worth it. I am excited to use this each time I turn it on and will only consider changing it if it ever breaks or I lose it. And then I'll likely get the same model again unless the 900 drops to the same price."markhodges1973


Ease of installation

it takes a few tries to navigate the multiple menus, but once you find what you want its easy going forward.


Ease of use

see above - sometimes takes a little thought process to know what oyu want adn where it is, but after multiple uses its all a breeze.


Quality of Construction

still intact after three eyars of use with minimal scratches.



yes it appears bulky but never noticed it once activity started.



no complaints from rubbing.



you can adjust just about everything - the problem is 'knowing' what you want. once you figure this out them the customization is there.



still in one peice and no sctraches.



I got htis for 150 bucks with HR monitor - cant complain at all - expecially when compared to the newer Garmin range.



its a multifunction sport watch.


Customer Service

never had hte need to use, but I hear the online support is good and many forums with helpful hints.


captures lots of data, very customixable, price.


for me none. Other complain about lack of swimming use but I didnt buy it for that and its not designed for that either.

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