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"Simple but really useful product to have. Probably the most productive tool I use in the pool. "slornow


Ease of use

Just wear them over your swim suit. Easy on and easy off.


Quality of Construction

Very well made. Product is essentially a set of "jammers" made from wetsuit material. No visible wear after about 6 months of using approx once a week in the pool.



You want them to fit tight and they do. First couple of times they kind of pushed my boys up a bit but now I wear them lower on my hips and there is no discomfort at all.



See above comments on fit. Once you adjust them appropriately you don't even notice they are there. Comfortable with jammers underneath.



So far so good.



Well worth the money. Great tool in the pool to get the feel/balance of using a wetsuit without the discomfort/heat of using a wetsuit in the pool. I used these in a wetsuit legal sprint over my tri shorts. It was a warm day and I thought I would overheat in a wetsuit. These gave me most of the benefit of the wetsuit, were easy to take off in T1 and no problem overheating. Great option for those types of races.



Basically look like a pair of black jammers other than logos on the side


Customer Service

Did not personally deal with anyone at ROKA when purchasing these but did when I bought my wetsuit and they were great in answering my questions and giving me fit advice.



Excellent way to work on your balance in the water. Better than a pull buoy as you can still kick. I use them in the pool if I have had a hard bike or run the night before and the legs are still fatigued.


Excellent product. Allows you to get the feel of using a wetsuit in the pool without worrying about overheating. Also works as a great training tool when you are focused on the fron end of your stroke. Much more natural training aid than a pull buoy. Another plus is flexibility to use instead of a wetsuit in a warm wetsuit legal race.

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I want to use it all the time! But, does give you a better position in the water so don't want to use it as a crutch.

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