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"this is an outstanding app that does what runkeeper does and much, much more"sheesleeva


Ease of installation

super easy as it downloads directly to phone like any other app


Ease of use

very straight forward in it's functionality and because it is on my phone, which I always have with me, I always know where it is and it runs in the backgrounds



this low cost app has tons of features to adjust to what you want - miles v kilometers, running for time/distance/intervals, biking for time/distance/intervals, walking, skiing, downhill, Nordic, whatever. tons of selections for whatever your activity -- although I have to admit, I have only used it for running, walking, hiking, and mt. biking and road biking, but all were very accurate and I have tested it out against gps watch - the mileage is spot on.



give it was only 4.99, it is an excellent value. much more useful than any other gps / data device I have used. this can also be synced with the heart rate monitor, power meters, etc. this really has it all for a killer price



tons of options for storing data - leave it on the phone, have it auto send the info to your via email, export the data to strava or any other database that will take auto updates. the maps then pop up and show you where you hit each mile, gives you graphs of your speed, etc, etc. tons of data for a very low price that does not add just another piece of equpiment



outstanding. in addition to all the above, it can also be set to announce pace, announce when you hit certain miles, etc., or just turn it off the sound and listen to your ipod music (or book on tape - I recommend wellingtons audio book).


Amazingly rich features. Tracks not just cycling, but running, walking, skiing, hiking, mt. biking, etc. Great graph output, syncs with other data devices, and export data to tons of other apps, or store all the data in your phone. oh, and you can even switch it to several other languages


the biggest weakness is the phone itself. I would never take my iphone into a race so cannot use during a race like a watch, but, if I got a water proof phone case, I could even take this into the water -- I just don't want to get the phone wet.

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