Koobi 232T

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"Check them out. Great customer service, good construction, with a couple minor things such as the nose hook and the hydration module hiccups, this is still a great saddle!"mmbackpacker


Ease of installation

Just like any saddle, eay on, easy off!


Ease of use



Quality of Construction

No flaws noted!



Fits my rump as well as any. Less numbness to the wedding tackle than my previous saddle.



A few rides into the saddle and my various anatomical bits began to feel quite comfortable. Despite several half ironman training rides, I did find myself a tad saddle sore during the Boise 70.3



Shorter saddle than some which translates into a bit less adjustability on the extreme fore and aft.



To be determined



Similar price points to other upgrade/ premium saddle makers.



I like the looks of it, there is nothing earth shattering about the looks or function of the saddle however. I have discovered that the transition rack hook under the nose of the saddle is essentially worthless however, my local transition racks are low enough that my 54 cm Felt B12 does not roll under the rack without a tilt, therefore the hook is worthless.


Customer Service

Couple of calls answered by a reall live English as a native language person. Couple emails promptly returned.



At least a 5mph faster bike split.


Solid construction, looks, well thought out and executed design!


Rack hookas mentioned above. If you order the saddle with the hydration module, be forwarned that there is a 24 ounce "limit" despite haveing the capability of carrying three water bottles, and there is some rattle although it is not noticable when riding. I do like the ability to pull off the module as a whole when wanted or needed... why they would choose to make it a three water bottle carrier but limit the carrying capacity to 24 ounces is beyond me. None the less, my plan wasn't three water bottles, but two and an xlab pod.

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