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"I've been very pleased with the performance of my Garmin Forerunner 205 over the past year and a half. While it is a bit on the bulky side, and I sometimes have issues getting a signal in downtown Chicago, I really like its accuracy when I'm running along the lakefront path (out of the way of skyscrapers). "RunningJayhawk


Ease of installation

Easy to install and easy to use computer software with transfer cords. Once the battery is charged, it's easy to get the watch up and running.


Ease of use

The watch itself is pretty intuitive with its features and the readability on the screen is easy (especially since you can customize your personal features).

We have 2 Garmin Forerunners set up to our computer and it is quite easy to toggle between the two in regards to data recall.


Quality of Construction

It's a well made product that will positively impact your training.



The face of the watch is big and bulky, but it does what it needs to. I switched out the velcro strap for the plastic one for my tri's (I have the accessory where I can transfer it from my bike to my watch quickly and with ease). I like the plastic strap much better than the velcro one and the velcro one can chafe.



I've dropped this thing plenty of times and it still keeps on ticking. It's gotten me through countless races all over the country, and I'm pleased with its continued performance.



Expensive, but you can shop around for a decent deal (or even a used one).



I don't like how bulky it is. It'd be great if it looked more like a 'real watch' ...although I do love the easy to read, big screen.


Customer Service

I've dealt with the folks at Garmin before with a few questions regarding my 201 and they are nothing but top notch. They believe in their product and go above and beyond to make their customers satisfied.



I love the only gripe is its accuracy in downtown areas. I live in downtown Chicago and sometimes it can take a few minutes to calibrate when I am downtown, and then accuracy is sometimes questionable as well. However, once I'm on the lakefront running path the read is crystal clear. Naturally, this can be a small problem during races in the city...but I can't do anything about skyscrapers!


- Great tool for endurance training.
- Accurate when it comes to calculating pace and distance.
- Can use in the bike and run portion of tri's (can purchase an easy to use accessory that will snap onto your bike and then onto your wrist easily).


- Can have issues with picking up the satellite signal and maintaining accuracy on cloudy days or in metropolitan areas with skyscrapers.
- Pricey
- Bulky Appearance

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