CycleOps Fluid 2

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"I would recommend this trainer as a no frills way to keep the bike fitness up in the off season. The price is reasonable for what I have found to be a good solid piece of equipment."kenj


Ease of installation

Assembly was fairly simple.
Installing the bike in the trainer is just as simple. Just make sure the skewer in the bike matches well with the cups on the trainer or exchange the skewer with the one provided with the trainer.


Ease of use

Once the bike is installed, adjust the resistance drum according to the directions with the trainer. Basically it states to turn the adjustment know 2 and a quarter turns after the drum contacts the tire.


Quality of Construction

This trainer is a fairly solid piece of equipment for the price. I have had no issues so far.



The resistance is changed by switching gears on the bike. Some people will adjust with the tension on the tire, but I find that this negatively impacts tire wear.



After 2 winters and 20 months total time with this, I have had no issues.



I am pleased with the value.



It's in the basement, does appearance really matter?


Customer Service

I have no experience so far.



So far so good!


This trainer is the only one I have ever owned or used, but I have found it easy to use. If the drum is adjusted properly it is fairly quiet for a trainer.


None of significance so far.

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