BT Memberships


SILVER member benefits

MAIN features
  • 23 Triathlon plans: Sprint to full Ironman
  • 2 winter maintenance plans to stay tuned-up
  • 3 "Sport Focused" plans to work on your weakness
  • 1 "No Fluff" plan (high performance)
  • 2 duathlon plans

The SILVER membership level is for the athlete that wants access to an entire season of training plans with multiple race distances.


6 months


12 months

Stock training plans

  • Stop buying individual plans! Instead purchase a membership that will give you the flexibility for your entire season
  • The benefits of this membership is access to a library of training plans
  • All plans come with a race-day plan so you fuel-up appropriately and stay within your target zones

How it works

  • 1
    Choose your plan

    select from all 33 training plans

  • 2
    Customize by race dates

    enter your date or desired starting date

  • 3
    Send to your training log

    for printing and online, mobile access

What do the plans include?

  • Target Heart Rate Zones
  • Drills to improve form and efficiency
  • Video drills
  • Detailed workouts and intervals
  • Race-day plan
  • Further modify your plan by drag’n drop workout editing to better fit you schedule
  • Create and entire race season by stacking multiple plans in your training log

Access all of these plans, anytime!

Mobile plan access

  • Access your training plan wherever you are!
  • iPhone, Android and our full mobile web version
  • Choose to receive your workouts by email
  • Sync your favorite calendar (Ical, Outlook) with your training plan

"As long as you are connected, you can access your plan anywhere"

Access all of the BRONZE features

  • Planned training log + calendar
  • Actual vs Plan Analyzer
  • More graphs
  • All retailer Performance Member Discounts
  • Ask your training and injury questions to the coaches
  • No training log banners


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