Gear Review: Limar 907 Helmet - One Great Coconut Cover

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by John L. Garner (a.k.a. Writebrained) Gear Reviewer

The 411
Racing style, 29 air vents, aggressive looking, low-profile fit, low front vents, double in-mold shell, 290/335g, cool comfort pads, and Pro-System adjustments.

First Impressions
Have you ever been bewildered at how Wonder Woman found her invisible plane after parking it? Owners of the Limar 907 may be able to relate as they will have to tie a string around their finger to remember to take their helmet off during T2. The Limar 907 is that comfortable.

Virtually weightless and vented to the hilt, the Limar 907 is almost transparent to the wearer. Additionally, the Limar 907 looks cool. The low-profile, aggressive look will make even the most timid, beginner triathlete look like a seasoned veteran.


The Review
How exciting can a bike helmet be? Boring! That is at least until you need it. When it comes to safety, it is always the right time to get serious.

Reflecting back to a recent ski trip, I remember with amusement an older gentleman reminding me to wear my “coconut cover” before hitting the slopes. Coconut covers are a great idea when skiing but mandatory during the bike portion of a triathlon (or anytime riding a bicycle, depending on your local state law). There is a lot more to picking out a coconut cover than first meets the eye. You must consider color, style, feel, adjustability, comfort of chin strap, slippage or movement when fastened, ability to unbuckle the helmet with one hand, visibility on the road, and Consumer Product Safety Standards certification.

The Product

Limar 907 Helmet  


The Maker


The Price


The Rating


The Skinny

The helmet is virtually weightless. The superb venting and light weight makes the helmet feel almost invisible to the wearer. What more could you ask for in a beginner-to-intermediate level racing helmet?


A proper fitting helmet should rest ½ inch above your eyebrows. The side straps should form a “Y” around each ear. Adjust the chin strap so it is snug but so you can breathe freely. If properly fastened, the helmet should move, but the skin on your head should move with the helmet. The Pro-System adjustment mechanism will make this process simple on the Limar 907.

In spite of the 29 vents on the Limar 907 (Louis Garneau Giro Atmos has 26 vents), the helmet is amazingly silent when traveling at race speed. The chinstrap buckle is easy to work and makes removal a snap during transitions. The $120.00 price tag is a little step for some, but the increased comfort may lead to more training time, less fatigue in the heat, and greater comfort. The helmet comes in your choice of sunset (orange and blue), yellow, red, blue and silver.








Limar 907 Helmet  






Expensive but well built


Aggressive styling




Factory Packaging (shipping)


Custom packaging

Ride Comfortable and silent
Customer Service  Solid



I own approximately half-a-dozen bike helmets. When I race, I choose to wear the Limar 907. If you are in the market for a good coconut cover, consider the Limar 907, just do not forget to take it off prior to the run!



A Note On the Author: John L. Garner (a.ka. Writebrained) is an Illinois State Trooper assigned to work in a Special Victim’s Unit. In addition to triathlons, he enjoys freelance writing, family, and teaching. He is an official reviewer for Beginner Triathlete.


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date: January 7, 2007



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Snow Skiing, Wife, Reading, Listening to Music, Working, My Kids, SCUBA, Teaching, Travel, Philosophy, Economics, Apologetics, and an occasional Triathlon. BT Rawks!

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