Eight Things I Learned from My First Triathlon

author : mrmarkcole
comments : 36
photoOr why an Ironman 70.3 may not be your best choice for your first triathlon.

X.T.E.R.R.A. – Xtraordinarily Twisted Exercise & Ridiculous Running Adventure [LONG]

author : seveerneb
comments : 43
photoHow to consistently come in last place and enjoy it. By a real expert.

Beginner Lessons Learned From Embarrassing Moments

author : Ken
comments : 7
photoDon't worry, you can't do anything that hasn't been done before. Read this article for some humorous insights of one triathlete's introduction to the sport.

How Did I Get Here? - My First Triathlon

author : brian1388
comments : 15
photoSomeone said that I would have to change in the transition area after the pool. Well OK, but it was maybe 45 degrees that morning. Yuck, all just part of the experience.

Defining a Sprint Triathlon

author : McFuzz
comments : 3
photoLooking to do your first triathlon? Here is a look beyond the distances.

Part 3: Equipment Advice From a Newb. Guaranteed Accuracy and Brilliance!

author : peteo
comments : 4
photoHoney, great news. I just spent our kids’ college fund on a new bike! The sales guy said it will shave at least 3 seconds off my 40K time. Umm, honey why do you have a knife in your hand???

Pushing Yourself To the Limit — Doing That First Triathlon.

author : tmwelshy
comments : 15
photoIn February of 2004 I was a 270 pound 34 year old. I had the body of an out-of-shape, degenerate lineman. I was strong and muscular, but with a healthy dose of jiggle and even, dare I say it, wiggle.

Your First Triathlon: What Equipment You Really Need

author : javierg
comments : 3
photoNew to triathlons? Don't know what equipment is really necessary? This article describes the basic swim, bike and run equipment needs for first time triathletes.

My First Triathlon: From a Poorly Navigated Swim to a Smile at the Finish Line

author : Wooden Bell
comments : 8
photoA look back at my first triathlon at Parlee Beach.

An Ironman's Story of Iron Will

author : areyoux8
comments : 14
photoThis is the story of a beginner triathlete's life altering conquest of his first Ironman.

First Event Lessons - What this Newbie Learned

author : Mottyl
comments : 6
photo I had read the articles on BT, I'd trained, and I thought I had prepared. There were, however, a few things that I didn't internalize despite what I'd been told.

Become the Person You Never Thought You Could Be

author : newhomeowner
comments : 16
photoIf you’re reading this because you’re still not sure, sign up for just one triathlon – a short sprint.

Never Too Big to Tri

author : Michael
comments : 8
avatarIt seems that the question arises most everywhere I go and it is usually comes from a 210-pound pot-bellied chain smoker. “Aren’t you to big to be doing triathlons?”

The Top Six Beginner Questions

comments : 1
photoMark Allen, six time Ironman Champion, answers the most common questions beginners have in getting into triathlons.

Ambition or Stupidity? My First Triathlon

author : runrgrl2007
comments : 7
photoOne slight problem. I don't know how to swim at all. When I say 'at all', I don't even dog paddle because I am scared to death of water. But I am going to do this.
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