Running in the Cold

author : b2run
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photoThis is an article with lots of great information about running in temperatures from 0 C to - 30 C.

VIDEO REVIEW: Amphipod RunLite 4

author : Ontherun
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photoLooking for a liquid hydration system for your runs? We review the unique Amphipod RunLite 4 belt hydration system. Other than a few small issues, it has performed well.

Gear Review: Yakkity Yaktrax

author : trixie
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photoCan't run outside in the snow? Think again. I flew up the first hill with surprising ease and power. The Yaktrax gripped into the ice like racing spikes on a rubber track. Sweeeeet.

Book Review: The Triathlete’s Guide to Run Training

author : Iron MaYden
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photoThe book also addresses topics such as properly fueling for racing, includes 20 key strength training exercises, and also contains a section on how complete a fast bike-to-run transition.

Skirtsports – Marathon Girl

author : Team BT
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photoMy first reaction to wearing a skirt while running was, “are you crazy?” I am no girly girl. I then tried one of the newest skirts from Nicole DeBoom’s TRIKS line and I can tell you I’m hooked.

Just Don't Do It

author : Iron MaYden
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photoProduct Review: Nike MP3 Run digital audio player with pedometer. Get the skinny on accuracy and userability.

If the Shoe Fits!

author : Michael
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avatarI was able to spend one Saturday morning in the store conducting this interview and I learned a good bit of information about shoes and proper fitting.

Review of Stability Shoes for Neutral Foot Types

author : chrisandniki
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photo2004 Product reviews for stability shoes for neutral foot types

Finding the Right Running Shoes

author : chrisandniki
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photoTo avoid a myriad of injuries (joint pain to your knees, ankles, hips, shin splints, foot pain, bruises), it’s invaluable to find the right running shoes.
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