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In 1982, ProMotion became involved in the young sport of Triathlon by building the first wetsuits designed specifically for swimming rescue as used by the San Diego Lifeguards. Among this group were the sports first athletes. Now, 30 years later, ProMotion continues to excel in the Triathlon wetsuit market with evolved designs widely regarded as the finest available and a loyal support from athletes worldwide.  ProMotion maintains a company owned retail store in Hood River, Oregon. ProMotion Wetsuits are not sold through "the shops". They sell factory direct. Customers do not pay the added markup that distributors and retail stores add to prices. Buying direct, you get personalized, quick friendly service, with access to a huge inventory, and no sales tax. Either over the phone, online, or in our store, the crew at ProMotion will get you in the right wetsuit.  What you get from ProMotion…
  •  Factory Direct Prices
  • Free Shipping - Free UPS ground shipping within the continental U.S. for orders of $100 and above when you use the coupon code BT. In the Shopping Cart Checkout, put BT in the Promotion Code box.
  • 30 Day Fit Guarantee - What better way to test your wetsuit...then in the water. If you feel the size is not perfect, send it back (within 30 days) and they will swap it for a better size.
  • No Sales Tax
  • Knowledgeable Friendly Service – They have been working with triathletes and swimmers of all skill levels for 25 years.


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