Swim Question: 5 Stroke Breathing

author : Coach AJ
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photoI'm wondering if anyone else has had luck with moving to a five-stroke breathing pattern. Is this okay for endurance swimming? What are its benefits and drawbacks?

Swim Question: Drills to Breathe Comfortably

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photoThe reason why you may have trouble breathing bilaterally (to both sides) is that you are not balanced in the water, either on one side or both. Here are some basic drills.

Swim Question: Breathing Problems

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photoI have 10 lessons with a coach and he keeps telling my I'm holding my breath. I cannot figure out where since I'm breathing out and in every 3rd stroke. Any drill recommendations?

How Much Swim Yardage Do I Need?

author : Amy Kuitse
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photoYou ask yourself if a couple of months will be enough time to prepare for that sprint; and how must swim training change in volume and intensity for the longer distances?
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