4 Steps for Overcoming Fear of the Open Water

author : TeamMPI
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photoThe majority of new triathletes see the open water swim as their biggest stumbling block. Here are four steps to help you have a better swim experience in your first (or next) triathlon.


author : Ron
comments : 2
photoAre you new? Are you starting to train for your first race in 2014? Join a mentor group to get all of your questions answered.

One Season Down, Now What?

author : TeamMPI
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photoIf you're a triathlete that competed in your first triathlon this season, you may be wondering what to do next.

Triathlon 101: Don’t be Overwhelmed

author : Jerrykyc
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photoI am going to discuss why we do it. If you understand why, then these detailed lessons and tips become much more meaningful.

Tri-ing to Face Your Fears

author : mnatwood
comments : 2
photoDon’t give up just because the training is difficult. Don’t let fear win just because you find yourself uncomfortable.

How Dog Training Can Improve Your Triathlon Training

author : mistymills
comments : 3
photoDog training techniques have surprising parallels to triathlon training and race preparation. All the lessons I THOUGHT were for my dogs started seeming very applicable to me! Here's what I learned.

Triathlon as a Lifesaver

author : mnatwood
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photoSo the first step on the road to becoming a triathlete starts out with a basic Decision. What is the Decision? It’s simple. You just decide to become a triathlete. Sounds impossible? Perfect.

Can a Souffle Rise Twice? Or a Beginner Triathlete?

author : bally62
comments : 2
photoAfter two years out with injury, will I come back better?

Triathlon - Make It a Goal for the New Year

author : ahohl
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photoTriathletes share stories of losing weight, improving health, making new friends, relieving stress and beating addictions

Off-Season Training Tips for Beginners

author : sallyddrake
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photoOff-Season thoughts for new triathletes including indoor training, Computrainers, heart-rate training and strength training.

Motivation: 9 Tips to Get Going in the Winter or Whenever

author : IndoIronYanti
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photoFeeling blah? Tempted to miss a workout? Here are some practices as well as on-the-spot tricks to get you into your workouts when you're just not feeling it.

A View From the Back: In Defense of Jan Brady

author : TheClaaaw
comments : 4
photoA back of back of packer feels sympathy for the vast middle of the pack who never gets nearly as many cheers.

Beginning Triathlons as an Older Woman

author : tesselate331
comments : 25
photoDoing triathlons will help you re-energize your optimism about life and feel 30 again. I promise!

The Main Thing, is to Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing…

author : jamesjbettis
comments : 4
photoBecause triathlon can become a lifestyle, it can also become very complicated. But, it doesn’t have to.

50 Things I've Learned in Triathlon Races

author : juxin
comments : 3
photoA compilation of things I learned while participating in triathlon races.
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