Ask the Coach: Getting Faster on the Bike

author : mat steinmetz
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"I'm new at road riding and my average speed is about 15mph. I've gone 20-22 mph, but can't hold that speed very long ... and that's with a nice tail wind and slight downhill. So I believe I need to focus on strength as well as endurance training. I'm too slow for some group rides and of course I want to increase it for races. What exercise/training should I be focusing on?"

First off, don’t pay too much attention to mph. Yes, at the end of the day it’s important, but with varying terrain, it doesn’t mean much. You can go downhill very fast expending little energy, while going uphill slow costs you much more energy.

To develop as a cyclist, you need to work on 3 things: Endurance, Threshold, and VO2max. [.....]

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date: May 12, 2009

mat steinmetz