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Run Question: Increasing Your Running Cadence

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photoThis article outlines ways to increase your running cadence while also getting the benefits of reduced injury.

Cycling Question: Improving on Hills

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photoI struggled on the bike while climbing the hill portions of the course. I do fine on long straight rides but really have a tough time while hill climbing. Any advice or training tips?

Member Question: Half Marathon Training During HIM Training

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photoCan I do extra running miles for my two half marathons while starting a half Ironman training program?

Making time for the marathon

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photoHow do you incorporate marathon training into a triathlon training plan?

Using Heart-Rate Zones for a Structured Run Training Program

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photoThis article will show you how to construct a run training program for your second season of running using your calculated heart-rate zones.

Race Question: First Olympic Triathlon a Month after First Marathon

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photoIs one month enough time to recover from my first marathon to go and do my first olympic tri? My alternative options are to do the 1/2 marathon and then do the olympic.

Member Question: Can I Have Both Distance and Speed?

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photoWith stroke improvements I find that when I try and swim long I have lost any speed gains that I had because my stroke count just creeps up and up. I also feel like I'm running out of air.

Member Question: Marathon Training as a Complement to Ironman Training

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photoI signed up for Ironman Frankfurt, next year July - and I am very excited about it. I originally planned to run my first Marathon in the middle of September, but am not sure if this is wise.

Member Question: Improving My Half Marathon Time

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photo I had hoped to break 1:30 this year but now would be happy just to break 1:34. My question is in my limited time I have left do I concentrate on speed work or endurance?

Marathon Training and an Olympic Triathlon - How to Train?

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photoShould I just follow my marathon training plan and not really worry about my bike and swim, and just see what happens in the tri?

Starting the 'Run Focus' Plan

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photoI want to follow the Winter Maintenance-Run Focus program (8 weeks), but don't know when to start. I also want to do the Intermediate Sprint-12 week program before my first race.

Run Question: Negative Splitting

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photoMost coaches will agree that negative splitting is the way to go, ideally, to reach a personal best. But does the strategy really work for all?
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