Your First Iron Distance Triathlon

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Welcome!  If you are doing your first half Iron distance or your first full Iron distance race, this page will be your complete guide from training to race day.

What are the distances for half and full Iron races?


70.3, 'half Ironman', 1/2 iron distance:

  1.9 kilometer -1.2 mile swim
  90 kilometer - 56 mi bike
  21.1 kilometer - 13.1 mi run

140.6, 'full Ironman', full iron distance:

  3.8 kilometer -2.4 mile swim
  180.2 kilometer - 112 mi bike
  42.2 kilometer - 26.2 mi run

Iron Distance Training Plans

Free Half Iron Distance Training Plan

Free Full Iron distance Training Plan

Before You Start Training

The Journey to an Ironman

How to Train for an Ironman

First Iron Race Training Articles

Structuring the Perfect Ironman Season

Ironman Study Confirms Cycling’s Value

Pre-Race Day

Race Rehearsal Guidance for Ironman

Tips of the Trade - Ironman 101


Find an Iron distance Race

1/2 Iron Races          Full Iron Races

Race Training Groups

Join a Iron distance race training group

Train with others specifically for the race you are doing.  Learn about the course and gain experience from others.

Ask any questions on your first Iron race

Our general Iron Distance forum will answer all of your questions from choosing a plan to race day

Search for Iron Distance Race Reports

Read detailed race reports from dozens of others that have done the race.  Be fully prepared for race day.

Training Nutrition

Lightheaded and Dizzy After a 1.5-2 Hour Bike Ride

VIDEO: Post Workout Nutrition for Training Over Two Hours

Daily Meal Plan for the Long Workout

VIDEO: Pre Workout Nutrition for Workouts Over Two Hours

Race Nutrition

Half Ironman Pre-Race Nutrition Protocol

Your First Ironman - Nutrition Guidelines

Ironman Distance Nutrition Options

Determining Liquid Consumption for the Ironman Bike

Race Day

Your First Ironman: A How-To Guide to Race Day

Your First Half Ironman: Race Tips & Pointers

Access plans, log training and find races on your mobile device!

Just go to on your phone and you will get the mobile version.  Access plans, log your training and more.



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