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Total Immersion

Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion, 4x US Masters National Champion and the nation's #1 ranked 55-59 open water swimmer for two years.

In this seminar from the founder of Total Immersion, Terry Laughlin, you''ll learn to practice swimming as a "problem-solving exercise" rather than a workout.  Terry will cover what he considers the elements of the "speed problem" in swimming, why the traditional means of solving the problem seldom work and why an often-ignored approach is virtually foolproof.

Most of the things you’re told you should do to swim faster — pull and kick harder, stroke faster — fail far more often than they succeed. The only thing they’re guaranteed to do is make you tired faster. That leaves us with the Little Known Facts. All of the thoughts, techniques and training approaches that really help you swim faster are things virtually no one thinks to do, and are rarely recommended. We start by pondering the question: “How do we perceive the need for speed — and how does that perception lead us to respond?”

Even in the best of circumstances, we experience the ‘speed problem’ more emotionally than most other aspects of swimming – and nearly always react ineffectively.

From our own instincts, we move to the ‘orthodoxy’ of swim training. Traditional thinking about swim training suggests that the Solution to the Speed Problem is:
  • Faster Strokes
  • Bigger Lungs
  • Bigger Muscles
This video will explore why these solutions virtually never solve the Speed Problem and often make it worse. It will also describe alternatives that replace guesswork with mathematical predictability and precision.

In this 'how to swim faster' video, you will also learn:
  • Why the speed problem is a "slowing down" not a "going faster" problem
  • What separates the world's best swimmers from also-rans at the Olympics and World Championships and how those lessons can be applied to all of us
  • The one key metric in your swimming that plays the largest role in how fast you swim
  • Figuring our your Personal Efficiency Range

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date: April 19, 2011


Total Immersion

Terry Laughlin is Founder and Head Coach of Total Immersion Swimming.