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NEW: Auto-Workout Transfer to BT Training Log with Garmin Connect

Started by Ron
Views: 5441 Posts: 21
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traveling from cooler climate to hot for first HIM

Started by brreems
Views: 156 Posts: 9

81 years old and still tri-ing.

Started by Shoeless
Views: 22 Posts: 1

Traveling with bike

Started by clbdpt
Views: 218 Posts: 18

Another bike question - rim & tire size compatiblitiy

Started by Shoeless
Views: 152 Posts: 10

New to tri's, bike advice for tall guy (6'5")

Started by kranked
Views: 1607 Posts: 10

Thank you to the early finishers...

Started by BeachAV8R
Views: 316 Posts: 10

Breaststrokes anyone? Pages: 1 ... 2 3 4 5

Started by TriCDA
Views: 1622 Posts: 101
RE: Breaststrokes anyone?
2015-07-30 5:27 PM 3mar

Swimming issues

Started by cmccoy
Views: 229 Posts: 13
RE: Swimming issues
2015-07-30 3:58 PM ziggie204

Road Bike Components - Worth the Upgrade?

Started by g_shotts
Views: 106 Posts: 6

Please Critique my Swim (freestyle)

Started by amalgamate
Views: 166 Posts: 9

Can you estimate a half marathon time based on your 5 k?

Started by TriCDA
Views: 208 Posts: 10

Chafing on long bike rides

Started by lake
Views: 129 Posts: 13

Guesstimating FTP using race efforts and HR

Started by kloofyroland
Views: 145 Posts: 6

Weight Loss/Nutrition

Started by marti038
Views: 112 Posts: 7

7.30.15 Thursday Training!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 52 Posts: 2

subject maybe asked

Started by N4SXX
Views: 124 Posts: 3
RE: subject maybe asked
2015-07-29 9:57 PM Donto

poll: if you had $200, what would you upgrade on your bike!?

Started by clbdpt
Views: 380 Posts: 24


Started by mchadcota2
Views: 150 Posts: 10
RE: Altitude
2015-07-29 6:20 PM Hot Runner

HR Zones from Sprint

Started by 3mar
Views: 129 Posts: 8
RE: HR Zones from Sprint
2015-07-29 6:07 PM 3mar

Bike advice for a big guy

Started by DLR1
Views: 121 Posts: 11

Speed/Tempo training ideas

Started by Lupy
Views: 158 Posts: 13

Replacement for garmin connect

Started by Puppetmaster
Views: 164 Posts: 6

7.29.15 What Up Wednesday

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 93 Posts: 7
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