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Koobi Saddle Winners!

Started by Ron
Views: 270 Posts: 1
Koobi Saddle Winners!
2015-04-10 9:44 AM Ron

NEW: Auto-Workout Transfer to BT Training Log with Garmin Connect

Started by Ron
Views: 4174 Posts: 18


Started by Ron
Views: 1791 Posts: 26
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Why latex tubes?

Started by Puppetmaster
Views: 8 Posts: 1
Why latex tubes?
2015-04-24 8:45 PM Puppetmaster

Aero wheels suggestions

Started by jpzaleski
Views: 94 Posts: 7

Treadmill-only training looks pretty legit to Lionel Sanders Pages: 1 2

Started by yazmaster
Views: 310 Posts: 32

Ooops, I signed up for an Ironman. Am I Doomed? Pages: 1 2

Started by 5Sigma
Views: 721 Posts: 38

Garmin 910xt acting "buggy"

Started by 3mar
Views: 21 Posts: 2

New 910xt for 150 CAD! Now how do I use it properly?

Started by madprops
Views: 21 Posts: 1

Sprint Tri - Fat Tire Bike! Pages: 1 2

Started by FurnaceM3
Views: 464 Posts: 35

New to tris - fear of transitions

Started by tldenison
Views: 68 Posts: 5

I've come into small amounts of expendable cash, what next?

Started by jhaack39
Views: 297 Posts: 13

Race Day special needs 70.3

Started by HonoluluAngel
Views: 190 Posts: 7


Started by TXTriRook
Views: 240 Posts: 18
RE: Cramping
2015-04-24 9:33 AM TXTriRook

Open swim practice the evening before the race

Started by desertchica
Views: 253 Posts: 12

the good and bad, need your comment

Started by Phebes
Views: 394 Posts: 10

4.23.15 Thursday Training!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 94 Posts: 5

How do you keep going while injured

Started by Rollergirl
Views: 342 Posts: 16

Can I break 4 hours? Pages: 1 2

Started by ratherbeswimming
Views: 547 Posts: 33
RE: Can I break 4 hours?
2015-04-23 8:07 PM b2run

training plan

Started by Cathy0901
Views: 157 Posts: 3
RE: training plan
2015-04-23 7:38 PM Cathy0901

Spin Bike Workouts...Will They Help?

Started by sawyer1206
Views: 178 Posts: 5

The value of a 'cool down' - workout one

Started by LiftAndShoot
Views: 181 Posts: 4

Question for the bike experts re: tire size

Started by houtexan
Views: 177 Posts: 7

Personal Training

Started by Lee1980
Views: 101 Posts: 2
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