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Started by Ron
Views: 2517 Posts: 27

NEW: Auto-Workout Transfer to BT Training Log with Garmin Connect

Started by Ron
Views: 4550 Posts: 18
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Garmin vs. Map my ride

Started by Qua17
Views: 16 Posts: 2

5.23.15 Super Saturday!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 26 Posts: 5

Flo wheels on felt b16

Started by jpzaleski
Views: 21 Posts: 2

Should I sell my P2 and buy a road bike? Pages: 1 2

Started by meggfishy
Views: 676 Posts: 36

swim faster in 17 days? sprint

Started by cast__iron
Views: 387 Posts: 20

Shawnigan ironman sign up help!!! EMERGENCY

Started by madprops
Views: 54 Posts: 1

Race Report won't post?

Started by robertChiefsFan
Views: 27 Posts: 1

Dynamic Calendar for workouts?

Started by jareed58
Views: 21 Posts: 1

training by HR

Started by ctowne
Views: 34 Posts: 1
training by HR
2015-05-23 11:38 AM ctowne

T1 going "on the fly" with shoes clipped in already

Started by Burchib
Views: 433 Posts: 21

Can you forget how to ride a bike?

Started by Jason N
Views: 121 Posts: 2

ITU WTS Question

Started by TXTriRook
Views: 172 Posts: 12
RE: ITU WTS Question
2015-05-23 8:41 AM Left Brain

Run pace/HR question

Started by KeriKadi
Views: 154 Posts: 6

Insurance claim for your stolen bike?

Started by nicruns
Views: 232 Posts: 14

Buzzed by a bat

Started by SHTri
Views: 312 Posts: 15
RE: Buzzed by a bat
2015-05-23 6:07 AM Antoine tri

Sprint Triathlon in August, Marathon in September. Is this possible?

Started by tigrrruns
Views: 175 Posts: 9

5.22.15 Fantastic Friday!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 145 Posts: 14

Garmin Fenix 2

Started by TriTampa2
Views: 207 Posts: 10
RE: Garmin Fenix 2
2015-05-22 6:49 PM CRS

ANOTHER Tri-bike close to race Question. Pages: 1 2

Started by Danno77
Views: 522 Posts: 27

New Powermeter

Started by Puppetmaster
Views: 91 Posts: 2
RE: New Powermeter
2015-05-22 7:22 AM GAUG3

freestyle straight arm recovery

Started by hubcaps
Views: 289 Posts: 10

5.21.15 Thursday Morning!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 103 Posts: 5
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