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NEW: Auto-Workout Transfer to BT Training Log with Garmin Connect Pages: 1 2

Started by Ron
Views: 8722 Posts: 26

Nytro Gift Card Raffle: Submit Your First Triathlon/Beginner Stories

Started by alicefoeller
Views: 2498 Posts: 1
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What did I do wrong with my Xterra Vortex?

Started by chrisbundrick
Views: 534 Posts: 25

Should I find a new coach?

Started by Andreah44
Views: 308 Posts: 16

Slow Build

Started by Nick B
Views: 544 Posts: 11
RE: Slow Build
2016-04-28 1:35 PM Nick B

When does "fitness" happen? Pages: 1 2

Started by nc452010
Views: 654 Posts: 46

New Swimmer: Can't swim a 50

Started by atx7953
Views: 394 Posts: 8

Lew Hollander & Staying Fit as you age

Started by Swimbikeron
Views: 100 Posts: 4

4.28.16 Rainy Day Thursday

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 37 Posts: 2

No New Equipment on Race Day

Started by Limewhite
Views: 440 Posts: 22

Why such little charity? Pages: 1 2

Started by runtim23
Views: 359 Posts: 26

4.27.16 Hump Day!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 88 Posts: 8
RE: 4.27.16 Hump Day!
2016-04-27 9:08 PM trijamie

20 week plan HIM again?

Started by dworth
Views: 205 Posts: 9

quick core exercise question

Started by LarchmontTri
Views: 91 Posts: 3

Got my Garmin Vivoactive HR today!

Started by HaydenHunter
Views: 88 Posts: 2

Do you ride in rush hour traffic ?

Started by Goggles Pizzano
Views: 301 Posts: 23

4.26.16 I'm Baaa-aaaack! Tuesday Training

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 113 Posts: 5

Accident insurance for 70.3

Started by JCZ
Views: 154 Posts: 6

Batavia, Il

Started by trishmk23
Views: 57 Posts: 1
Batavia, Il
2016-04-26 2:28 PM trishmk23

Discomfort - How would you handle this?

Started by linkslefty
Views: 172 Posts: 5

Rookie Mistake....or maybe just a dumb mistake

Started by cdoug55
Views: 518 Posts: 11

Garmin Connect and Windows 10

Started by cdban66
Views: 78 Posts: 3

Cycle training and periodic time trials

Started by Dorm57
Views: 87 Posts: 3

FLO vs Reynolds Strike

Started by dworth
Views: 217 Posts: 8
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