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BT's Updated ANDROID APP is Live!

Started by Ron
Views: 1031 Posts: 12

BT's Updated Iphone/Ipad App is LIVE Pages: 1 2

Started by Ron
Views: 2009 Posts: 29
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training mask (high altitude simulation training)

Started by brickbd
Views: 147 Posts: 6

Maximalist / minimalist shoes

Started by Sauer
Views: 95 Posts: 6

ITU worlds

Started by marcag
Views: 126 Posts: 8
RE: ITU worlds
2014-08-30 11:01 PM simpsonbo

bike race number placement ?

Started by Lupy
Views: 155 Posts: 6

Des Moines HyVee now a sprint for most of us

Started by jhaack39
Views: 200 Posts: 18

Pregnancy tips anyone?

Started by MMW37
Views: 153 Posts: 6

20 mile training run redemption.

Started by Mtnwesttri
Views: 103 Posts: 5

Black toe nails

Started by GODAWGS
Views: 119 Posts: 9
RE: Black toe nails
2014-08-30 7:58 PM Blastman

8.30.14 Sweatin' Saturday!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 74 Posts: 6

something stupid

Started by jammer69
Views: 216 Posts: 12
RE: something stupid
2014-08-30 6:22 PM Hot Runner

Swimming breakthrough- finally :)

Started by jennifer_runs
Views: 565 Posts: 24

Biggest run volume this week AND month! Yay!

Started by kloofyroland
Views: 164 Posts: 10

Help with Fenix 2 and HR zones/training please

Started by tryingtotri0321
Views: 52 Posts: 2

I hate the taper!

Started by respro
Views: 121 Posts: 4
RE: I hate the taper!
2014-08-30 12:13 PM popsracer

hate to ask. but need wetsuit guidance

Started by jhaack39
Views: 102 Posts: 4

Bike Sizing Question

Started by popsracer
Views: 164 Posts: 5
RE: Bike Sizing Question
2014-08-30 7:25 AM MikeD1

What to do with extra bar tape?

Started by deboerkj
Views: 137 Posts: 3

Any pitfalls to this type of fundraising? May come out of IM "retirement"

Started by FELTGood
Views: 436 Posts: 17

My Log-intervals on the run

Started by dmm312
Views: 127 Posts: 4

First tri done, now to get faster

Started by douglanglois
Views: 192 Posts: 6

8.29.14 Friday!!!

Started by ingleshteechur
Views: 132 Posts: 12
RE: 8.29.14 Friday!!!
2014-08-29 6:54 PM JakePS

Plugged Handle bars!

Started by jareed58
Views: 209 Posts: 6
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