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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
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open water swimming

Started by mattdarton
Views: 0 Posts: 1
open water swimming
2015-03-06 10:26 PM mattdarton

cheers from north Atlanta

Started by daveblohm
Views: 17 Posts: 2

hello from Austin

Started by jjefferjo
Views: 214 Posts: 5
RE: hello from Austin
2015-03-05 10:32 AM laffinrock

Hi from Dubai

Started by Swim Bike Run UAE
Views: 78 Posts: 2
RE: Hi from Dubai
2015-03-04 7:57 AM Ron

Hi From West Michigan

Started by betana
Views: 64 Posts: 2
RE: Hi From West Michigan
2015-03-03 8:39 AM Ron

I invented this to ease the pain of Airing up your tri bike

Started by Rapido
Views: 58 Posts: 2

Hi - Melbourne Victoria Austria

Started by tchi_ro
Views: 58 Posts: 3

welcome, welcome welcome...

Started by wee scotty
Views: 407 Posts: 2
Hi from Vancouver
2015-02-28 1:24 PM WhiteCatzs

Returning to sport

Started by NJBIll
Views: 87 Posts: 2

First Triathlon

Started by 2NewKnees
Views: 314 Posts: 7
RE: First Triathlon
2015-02-25 6:38 PM NJBIll

Jacksonville N00b

Started by BrooklynBen
Views: 139 Posts: 3

Hello from Abbotsford, BC

Started by David15
Views: 243 Posts: 10

Newbie from NY

Started by aturnbul
Views: 137 Posts: 2
RE: Newbie from NY
2015-02-21 12:22 PM triblogcarol

hi from Miami!

Started by nickymunday
Views: 104 Posts: 2
RE: hi from Miami!
2015-02-17 7:37 PM triblogcarol

Hi All - Newbie in PA

Started by sbrinner
Views: 247 Posts: 4

I really want to be back....

Started by sweetKisback
Views: 159 Posts: 4

Hello from Grass Valley (Gold Country), California !

Started by christianhund
Views: 181 Posts: 3

Hi from Wellington, NZ

Started by georgedarroch
Views: 138 Posts: 4

Checking in from SW Ohio

Started by rugerviking
Views: 209 Posts: 4

Hi from NY

Started by racing2
Views: 108 Posts: 2
RE: Hi from NY
2015-02-03 9:28 AM IndoIronYanti

Hello from Hollister, Ca

Started by James2015
Views: 286 Posts: 4

Swimming lingo

Started by lyonheart12
Views: 183 Posts: 4
RE: Swimming lingo
2015-01-28 8:56 AM Ron

Hello from North Carolina

Started by tjk23
Views: 179 Posts: 3

Newbie on Cape Cod

Started by kotzkathy
Views: 182 Posts: 2
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