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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
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Hello from a dreamer

Started by fandekasp
Views: 124 Posts: 4

Hello new to all

Started by Kcheeks
Views: 24 Posts: 2
RE: Hello new to all
2016-08-29 1:30 PM jhaack39

Needing some advice and help.

Started by surfnjonathan
Views: 40 Posts: 3

Newbie from Washington State

Started by smazurkiewicz
Views: 60 Posts: 4

Signed up for my first Half IronMan Austin 70.3

Started by paceman82203
Views: 983 Posts: 6

Hi guys

Started by FrankieP78
Views: 29 Posts: 2
RE: Hi guys
2016-08-28 11:41 AM triosaurus

Good to be here

Started by ngonzales12
Views: 104 Posts: 5
RE: Good to be here
2016-08-27 11:48 AM goforit

Back in the Game

Started by chrismcturnan
Views: 72 Posts: 2
RE: Back in the Game
2016-08-24 4:39 PM LundyLund

Hey everyone

Started by Hrobin124
Views: 185 Posts: 5
RE: Hey everyone
2016-08-23 2:23 PM triathlonpal07

Interested in a tri-sprint

Started by Pcamilo
Views: 101 Posts: 4

Newbie in Utah

Started by eshess
Views: 44 Posts: 1
Newbie in Utah
2016-08-23 11:37 AM eshess

Tri Noob from the South

Started by carin1976
Views: 55 Posts: 1

Hello! New to forum and novice triathlete

Started by dvshyper1
Views: 156 Posts: 5

tendonitis in foot post race

Started by kmonie360
Views: 98 Posts: 4

First timer with questions

Started by Kidicenj
Views: 137 Posts: 3

I'm new to triathlon

Started by tmiddlebrooks
Views: 288 Posts: 6

Mental strength during training

Started by Rossi7799
Views: 299 Posts: 4

Should I race?

Started by Peanut1
Views: 145 Posts: 3
RE: Should I race?
2016-08-05 1:24 PM marysia83

Long time no see

Started by dandr614
Views: 210 Posts: 3
RE: Long time no see
2016-07-26 6:55 PM dandr614

Greetings from the great Danube river

Started by tarragon
Views: 147 Posts: 2

New again

Started by notquitethere
Views: 181 Posts: 2
RE: New again
2016-07-14 11:26 PM HaydenHunter

G'day from Oz

Started by ThereIsNoTri
Views: 246 Posts: 5
RE: G'day from Oz
2016-07-09 3:51 AM ThereIsNoTri

I'm on my journey back

Started by krturner68
Views: 169 Posts: 3

Journey to my first 70.3

Started by kiwitri
Views: 269 Posts: 3
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