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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
Views: 1420 Posts: 2
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Newbie crazy mom.

Started by Meldita
Views: 166 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie crazy mom.
2015-09-02 10:27 AM The Padre

Won't somebody think of the children!!!

Started by kstotes
Views: 50 Posts: 2

Need Help/Advice

Started by spugh13
Views: 89 Posts: 3
RE: Need Help/Advice
2015-08-30 9:55 PM spugh13

Swimmer looking to try a tri

Started by gary p
Views: 365 Posts: 9

Hello Everyone!

Started by PunknDestroy
Views: 108 Posts: 3

Choosing a plan just getting started

Started by Sweenes
Views: 64 Posts: 1

New here - just competed in my first triathlon (sprint)

Started by metalmancpa
Views: 232 Posts: 3

Just getting started

Started by kpcarroll78`
Views: 60 Posts: 2
RE: Just getting started
2015-08-23 7:14 PM lake

New triathlete from Sweden

Started by ulf.lundh
Views: 146 Posts: 3

Change of Sport

Started by erindesantis
Views: 249 Posts: 3
RE: Change of Sport
2015-08-18 10:04 AM erindesantis

Late starter!

Started by Francois
Views: 123 Posts: 3
RE: Late starter!
2015-08-17 1:40 PM H2OhNo

Hello from Windsor

Started by Alynngodfroy
Views: 152 Posts: 3
RE: Hello from Windsor
2015-08-17 11:01 AM randycj7

Newb From Windsor

Started by randycj7
Views: 58 Posts: 1
Newb From Windsor
2015-08-17 10:58 AM randycj7

Needed a way to compete again

Started by bmweaver
Views: 91 Posts: 2

Hi I am Rad.

Started by RadRTT
Views: 158 Posts: 2
RE: Hi I am Rad.
2015-08-12 3:35 AM IndoIronYanti

Hello All

Started by justinr82
Views: 118 Posts: 2
RE: Hello All
2015-08-12 3:34 AM IndoIronYanti

Hello everyone - questions / need a sanity check on Olympic tri

Started by H2OhNo
Views: 202 Posts: 4

Beginner Kidney Transplant Athlete

Started by myarr
Views: 229 Posts: 3

Hello all

Started by Jimi3000
Views: 204 Posts: 4
RE: Hello all
2015-08-02 10:05 AM Jimi3000


Started by cwiehle0
Views: 132 Posts: 2
RE: Greetings
2015-08-01 10:46 PM IndoIronYanti

Hello from Ohio

Started by Mumstheword
Views: 149 Posts: 2
RE: Hello from Ohio
2015-07-30 8:14 AM cdban66

Back in action

Started by Rileyvb91
Views: 189 Posts: 2
RE: Back in action
2015-07-28 10:37 AM marysia83

Interested in Team Triathalons

Started by thone
Views: 174 Posts: 2

First post - new to it all

Started by EdMoney
Views: 206 Posts: 2
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