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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
Views: 829 Posts: 2
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Barefoot runner and new cyclist from central Ohio

Started by T-Stew
Views: 4 Posts: 1

Hello from Kansas City

Started by KC Steve
Views: 112 Posts: 4

First oly next weekend

Started by benc89
Views: 124 Posts: 4

Newbie from Columbus, OH

Started by rkbucholtz
Views: 58 Posts: 2

Swimmer looking to try a tri

Started by gary p
Views: 86 Posts: 3

This seemed like a good idea at the time :)

Started by suzi_stunder
Views: 305 Posts: 5

New to Triathlon living in UK

Started by Emmajd
Views: 131 Posts: 4

first half ironman....

Started by ktsams
Views: 122 Posts: 4

Signed up for my first Half IronMan Austin 70.3

Started by paceman82203
Views: 729 Posts: 4
2015-05-15 8:07 AM ktsams

Hi there! Total newbie here.

Started by julesanna
Views: 84 Posts: 2

Quick Intro

Started by jermo79
Views: 57 Posts: 2
RE: Quick Intro
2015-05-14 2:16 PM robertChiefsFan


Started by lite-speed
Views: 47 Posts: 2
RE: Hallo
2015-05-14 9:39 AM robertChiefsFan

What's changed in the past 12 years?

Started by rframe
Views: 161 Posts: 3

returning triathlete

Started by robertChiefsFan
Views: 115 Posts: 5
RE: returning triathlete
2015-05-12 12:29 PM rframe


Started by Shake*N*Bake
Views: 239 Posts: 7
RE: Hi
2015-05-12 7:47 AM Ron

Training for First Olympic

Started by Ebenezer
Views: 134 Posts: 2

Are you a Woman New to Tris? Seeing content contributors!

Started by margaretMAKA
Views: 189 Posts: 2

Newbie Checking in from Philly

Started by Phildog-64
Views: 105 Posts: 2

New to the Triathalon World

Started by newbie2015
Views: 132 Posts: 2

Could I do one?

Started by jackd
Views: 153 Posts: 3
RE: Could I do one?
2015-05-01 2:54 AM jackd

intro to group ... fell in love with triathlon

Started by NickCicerchi
Views: 132 Posts: 2

Newbie here

Started by LeeHed
Views: 123 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie here
2015-04-29 11:36 AM LeeHed

New guy

Started by compton82
Views: 109 Posts: 2
RE: New guy
2015-04-29 9:06 AM Ron

I need help...

Started by Bonnie Wilson
Views: 256 Posts: 6
RE: I need help...
2015-04-28 6:54 PM NickCicerchi
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