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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
Views: 183 Posts: 1
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greetings tothe Rocky Mountain region

Views: 7 Posts: 1

Hello from Hollister, Ca

Started by James2015
Views: 135 Posts: 4

Swimming lingo

Started by lyonheart12
Views: 89 Posts: 4
RE: Swimming lingo
2015-01-28 8:56 AM Ron

Hello from North Carolina

Started by tjk23
Views: 58 Posts: 3

Hi All - Newbie in PA

Started by sbrinner
Views: 56 Posts: 3
RE: Hi All - Newbie in PA
2015-01-26 8:38 PM Ron

Newbie on Cape Cod

Started by kotzkathy
Views: 53 Posts: 2

go berserk!

Started by goberserk
Views: 535 Posts: 16
RE: go berserk!
2015-01-26 9:02 AM TJHammer

New Guy in Calgary

Started by S.M.
Views: 46 Posts: 2
RE: New Guy in Calgary
2015-01-25 11:13 PM simpsonbo

New guy from VA

Started by STVA
Views: 39 Posts: 3
RE: New guy from VA
2015-01-25 8:45 PM STVA

question re: custom training programs

Started by gvoshell
Views: 86 Posts: 4

Hello from Georgia!

Started by GertC
Views: 94 Posts: 2

New To the Game

Started by bdolan1474
Views: 88 Posts: 3
RE: New To the Game
2015-01-21 8:57 PM reecealan

Newbie in Houston, Texas

Started by edamex
Views: 509 Posts: 7

Noobie From Houston Texas

Started by IHSV
Views: 77 Posts: 3

Newbie in PA

Started by zsigovits
Views: 76 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie in PA
2015-01-21 7:48 AM zsigovits

Minneapolis- Rob

Started by slides
Views: 46 Posts: 2
RE: Minneapolis- Rob
2015-01-20 2:31 PM mmrocker13

PA Newbie

Started by snewod
Views: 97 Posts: 4
RE: PA Newbie
2015-01-19 3:24 PM melbo55

Running the NYC Tri in July

Started by John82
Views: 62 Posts: 2

62 and want to start training for first triathlon

Started by Kashart
Views: 94 Posts: 3

New England Newb

Started by firebert
Views: 70 Posts: 2

I am the Mud Man!!!

Started by MudManPete
Views: 180 Posts: 3

Kansas City Beginner

Started by SB.816
Views: 338 Posts: 5

Hello from Michigan!

Started by anneozzy
Views: 89 Posts: 2

Hi from NC!

Started by Kellyann76
Views: 100 Posts: 3
RE: Hi from NC!
2015-01-12 8:44 PM anneozzy
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