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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
Views: 601 Posts: 1
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Tackling my first IM

Started by wei5209
Views: 21 Posts: 1
Tackling my first IM
2015-04-18 4:43 PM wei5209

Hi, new wannabe here

Started by sdalcher
Views: 72 Posts: 4

Taken the plunge!

Started by welshpete
Views: 102 Posts: 5
RE: Taken the plunge!
2015-04-17 8:51 AM Ron

Newbie Intro - SW Ontario(Brantford)

Started by dprang
Views: 52 Posts: 3

any new mentor groups?

Started by gzh6464
Views: 592 Posts: 4
RE: any new mentor groups?
2015-04-16 7:19 AM Ron

New (old guy) from Texas

Started by LiftAndShoot
Views: 167 Posts: 6

Advice and ideas please.

Started by stevegerbson
Views: 63 Posts: 2

5 Year Tri Vet saying HELLO

Started by TriaFitLifeTFL
Views: 99 Posts: 2

New to this era of triathlons

Started by chasdemott
Views: 80 Posts: 2

New and Ready to Learn!

Started by runningbooknerd
Views: 69 Posts: 2

Hey Y'all- Greetings from HOUSTON

Started by Dhopps
Views: 155 Posts: 2

Hi from Kansas

Started by Paperclip
Views: 78 Posts: 2
RE: Hi from Kansas
2015-04-09 12:33 AM reecealan

New to Triathlon

Started by sheppgal1990
Views: 165 Posts: 3
RE: New to Triathlon
2015-04-07 5:50 PM laffinrock

Hi from So Cal

Started by Lizbu2
Views: 120 Posts: 2
RE: Hi from So Cal
2015-04-04 5:17 PM tzcoaching

From Québec, Canada

Started by Frank50
Views: 123 Posts: 3
RE: From Québec, Canada
2015-04-01 11:45 PM IronOx

Sugar Land says Hey Ya'll

Started by Kennea
Views: 159 Posts: 2

Swim Times and Workouts

Started by WorkingHard1990
Views: 148 Posts: 3

talked myself into it

Started by ruthless009
Views: 173 Posts: 3
RE: talked myself into it
2015-03-26 12:18 PM Ron

Just moved

Started by leanner
Views: 306 Posts: 3
RE: Just moved
2015-03-24 11:42 AM 1stTriGal

Hi, from Australia..

Started by cutnie
Views: 221 Posts: 4

New to triathlon

Started by juliensicuro
Views: 207 Posts: 3
RE: New to triathlon
2015-03-16 8:08 AM Ron

Signed Up For First Sprint Tri in PA

Started by JcBook47
Views: 227 Posts: 4

open water swimming

Started by mattdarton
Views: 352 Posts: 5

Ironman and moving

Started by anovchich
Views: 194 Posts: 2
RE: Ironman and moving
2015-03-12 11:43 AM Ron
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