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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
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Journey to my first 70.3

Started by kiwitri
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Started by Annatta
Views: 35 Posts: 2
RE: Introduction
2016-06-23 10:29 AM LundyLund

Help, I'm infected! 2016: Sprint, Olympic, Half ?!?

Started by modza
Views: 440 Posts: 3

Hello everybody...I'm back

Started by Iank
Views: 63 Posts: 3

New guy that lives NYC. Failed at my first trialthon but will try again.

Started by kwak76
Views: 247 Posts: 4

hello from mo

Started by bnsafe
Views: 114 Posts: 3
RE: hello from mo
2016-06-16 8:17 PM bnsafe


Started by mrdigitaljedi
Views: 74 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie
2016-06-16 10:39 AM mrdigitaljedi


Started by Kennyyoli
Views: 68 Posts: 4
RE: Hi
2016-06-15 2:36 PM jhaack39

Hello! :)

Started by Kati Surace
Views: 52 Posts: 1
Hello! :)
2016-06-15 12:00 PM Kati Surace

Semi-New Triathlete; New to BT

Started by ckulb7820
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Hello from across the pond

Started by markstewart1986
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Started by Iamredeemed
Views: 138 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie
2016-06-11 9:42 PM rjcalhoun

Novice due to race 13 Aug

Started by GillS
Views: 142 Posts: 3

Who, what, when and where from AL.

Started by Gatdenqueen36
Views: 94 Posts: 2

Lurker from NW Indiana

Started by Jwse30
Views: 145 Posts: 3

New triathlete hopefull.

Started by CaliWolf
Views: 98 Posts: 2

Plant Eating Runner to Triathlete and My first Tri

Started by rjcalhoun
Views: 342 Posts: 7

Philly newbie for the Wildwood NJ Tri

Started by Pajarolibre
Views: 159 Posts: 2

new to everything

Started by cytri
Views: 137 Posts: 3
RE: new to everything
2016-05-26 3:22 PM jhaack39

new to everything

Started by cytri
Views: 70 Posts: 1
new to everything
2016-05-26 8:52 AM cytri

New to the site but not the sport

Started by Fitnessgurl
Views: 205 Posts: 3

Newbie in Houston

Started by timothycanty
Views: 79 Posts: 1

Newbie from N. Dallas area

Started by texag
Views: 114 Posts: 2

Another Newbie Here

Started by
Views: 188 Posts: 4
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