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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by IndoIronYanti
Views: 2042 Posts: 3
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New one but professional!

Started by margo1000
Views: 185 Posts: 4

Focused and Driven!

Started by sosdawg5
Views: 10 Posts: 1
Focused and Driven!
2015-12-01 3:37 PM sosdawg5

Finally take the bucket list challenge

Started by zoomiest
Views: 181 Posts: 6

New to the sport.

Started by Ed Easyride
Views: 441 Posts: 9

Tri Newbie!

Started by Usamimi
Views: 63 Posts: 2
RE: Tri Newbie!
2015-11-29 9:37 PM wenceslasz

Looking for something new...

Started by casey21
Views: 175 Posts: 3

Core workouts

Started by mkroop66
Views: 169 Posts: 3
RE: Core workouts
2015-11-18 9:11 PM mkroop66

New to the sport

Started by Wingspan
Views: 153 Posts: 3
RE: New to the sport
2015-11-16 7:14 AM Ron

New to tri

Started by spoon84
Views: 214 Posts: 3
RE: New to tri
2015-11-11 9:12 AM alicefoeller

Learning to love to run - tri beginners

Started by Jackiele
Views: 164 Posts: 3

new to tri! ready to do this!

Started by playero_loko
Views: 166 Posts: 3

Hello from UK

Started by oldandknackered
Views: 245 Posts: 5

Re: New member

Started by Pking
Views: 174 Posts: 3
Re: New member
2015-11-03 1:43 PM Triathlon_daddy

Trying to Return

Started by Frank_h
Views: 196 Posts: 5
RE: Trying to Return
2015-10-31 8:06 AM StaceyK

I'm back

Started by toddaduran
Views: 251 Posts: 5
RE: I'm back
2015-10-30 12:03 PM alicefoeller

Hello again! (BTer formerly known as autumn, and like Prince, from MN)

Started by fixie
Views: 370 Posts: 11

Getting older let's give this a TRI ......

Started by Londonlad
Views: 199 Posts: 4

New guy!

Started by Dartsu
Views: 151 Posts: 3
RE: New guy!
2015-10-28 9:28 AM Atlantia

Hello im Marian Jones

Started by marian24
Views: 186 Posts: 2
RE: Hello im Marian Jones
2015-10-25 1:25 PM Ron

Hi there

Started by hhawkee
Views: 130 Posts: 2
RE: Hi there
2015-10-25 1:24 PM Ron

Dover, DE checking in.

Started by Lia Cross
Views: 190 Posts: 2
RE: Dover, DE checking in.
2015-10-20 4:20 PM Ron

Long time runner looking to TRI a new way to waste heart beats!

Started by Fullyenvolved23
Views: 222 Posts: 3

New to the sport.

Started by Cincychris83
Views: 237 Posts: 6

First timer!

Started by trishmk23
Views: 230 Posts: 2
RE: First timer!
2015-10-14 7:17 AM Ron
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