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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by Ron
Views: 1018 Posts: 4
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Rookie from New Orleans

Started by justin929
Views: 5 Posts: 1

How do you know when you can complete a race successfully?

Started by runnermom3
Views: 67 Posts: 3

Getting Started

Started by richhoff@sbcglobal.n
Views: 5 Posts: 1

Trying to get started

Started by Dajcentex
Views: 28 Posts: 2

First timer in Arizona

Started by dmgaudre
Views: 55 Posts: 3

Hello all

Started by ShawnG568
Views: 17 Posts: 2
RE: Hello all
2014-07-26 11:28 AM Ron

Hello from Switzerland

Started by Jamie39
Views: 36 Posts: 2
RE: Hello from Switzerland
2014-07-26 11:20 AM Ron

Wisconsin noob...

Started by martindc1
Views: 150 Posts: 7

Texas starter

Started by jerdner
Views: 70 Posts: 4
RE: Texas starter
2014-07-25 2:48 PM uhcoog


Started by Santos88
Views: 28 Posts: 1
2014-07-24 3:08 PM Santos88

What Happens When the Triathlon Bug bites the wrong person

Started by Second_Season_Tri
Views: 347 Posts: 8

The new kid in Ohio

Started by Melann225
Views: 94 Posts: 8

Kansas First Timer

Started by rmccoy
Views: 63 Posts: 2

Newbie in Washington

Started by paddyd123
Views: 124 Posts: 5

Arkansan Checking In

Started by rellbows
Views: 105 Posts: 3

greetings from minnesota

Started by slides
Views: 111 Posts: 3

Alberta Canada Noob

Started by oz_
Views: 69 Posts: 4

Hello from Bend, OR

Started by Iandavidisaacson
Views: 183 Posts: 5

Washington First Timer

Started by evanverduin
Views: 140 Posts: 4

First 70.3

Started by jmac
Views: 72 Posts: 2
RE: First 70.3
2014-07-14 2:59 PM Ron

New Texan, new to tris

Started by LundyLund
Views: 152 Posts: 5


Started by T0TALRECALL
Views: 82 Posts: 2
2014-07-13 8:44 AM IndoIronYanti

I was then, I wasn't, now I want to again!

Started by debbond
Views: 108 Posts: 3

Greetings from Australia

Started by MattSlatts
Views: 214 Posts: 6
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