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Welcome to - join a mentor group!

Started by Ron
Views: 1120 Posts: 4
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Newbie looking for Duathlon training & nutrition advice

Started by scottdavies86
Views: 31 Posts: 1


Started by cassafinal
Views: 37 Posts: 1

We are liquidating our 2013 stock and we give big discounts on all our bicycles.

Started by cassafinal
Views: 23 Posts: 1

First triathlon yesterday! Now for more! :D

Started by Katie1984
Views: 155 Posts: 10

Considering a new challenge

Started by dramaqueenjs
Views: 54 Posts: 2

Hello! tri Newb here

Started by thecheese
Views: 62 Posts: 2

newbie from the uk

Started by eul0gy
Views: 128 Posts: 9
RE: newbie from the uk
2014-08-18 8:43 AM McFuzz

Hey new guy here

Started by fargo532000
Views: 106 Posts: 4

Try a Tri? Why not.

Started by Arobinson463
Views: 91 Posts: 3
RE: Try a Tri? Why not.
2014-08-15 10:36 AM McFuzz

Newbie here

Started by UrbanTriathlete14
Views: 152 Posts: 3
RE: Newbie here
2014-08-14 12:44 PM ChemNerd23

Duathlon learning to swim

Started by brigidbedardhinz
Views: 129 Posts: 4

Hello Everyone

Started by ECASillas
Views: 65 Posts: 3
RE: Hello Everyone
2014-08-11 11:10 PM Ron


Started by Mrsmistyryan
Views: 110 Posts: 4
RE: Hello
2014-08-10 8:05 AM Mrsmistyryan

newb from Ottawa

Started by SenatorClayDavis
Views: 155 Posts: 5

Sprint Triathlete going to Olympic and Half Ironman

Started by catrobson
Views: 169 Posts: 5

Kansas City Beginner

Started by SB.816
Views: 133 Posts: 3

Just Joined

Started by RockHead
Views: 124 Posts: 4
RE: Just Joined
2014-08-05 1:02 PM TRI~GIRL17

First time Chicago tri supersprint

Started by Jwater10
Views: 139 Posts: 4

New to all this

Started by CircusBrendan
Views: 89 Posts: 3
RE: New to all this
2014-08-04 12:45 PM laffinrock

Newbie from NYC

Started by SusieNYC
Views: 240 Posts: 7
RE: Newbie from NYC
2014-08-02 6:41 PM SusieNYC

New to Tri's

Started by gonzoballz
Views: 91 Posts: 2
RE: New to Tri's
2014-08-02 11:45 AM Ron

I'm baaaack.....

Started by mighty mom
Views: 112 Posts: 3
RE: I'm baaaack.....
2014-08-01 8:20 AM cdban66

First timer in Arizona

Started by dmgaudre
Views: 197 Posts: 10

Beginner in PA

Started by jackie755
Views: 99 Posts: 4
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