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Medical Disclaimer

Started by Ron
Views: 9969 Posts: 1
Medical Disclaimer
2004-09-25 7:00 PM Ron
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Overcoming shoulder issues

Started by byrdnj
Views: 383 Posts: 5

Max HR when trying Interval Training

Started by jlsmithseven
Views: 134 Posts: 6

Regenexx (stem cells for knees)

Started by mxr746
Views: 107 Posts: 2

Pain in left leg during/after running?

Started by jlsmithseven
Views: 190 Posts: 3

Has anyone had plantar fasciitis surgery?

Started by Recovery
Views: 6394 Posts: 11

IT Band Issues

Started by cdoug55
Views: 205 Posts: 5
RE: IT Band Issues
2016-04-12 12:03 PM cdoug55

Piriformis syndrome

Started by mdg2003
Views: 994 Posts: 16
RE: Piriformis syndrome
2016-04-11 2:57 PM mdg2003

Swimmer's Ear

Started by keepitup
Views: 278 Posts: 4
RE: Swimmer's Ear
2016-04-11 11:06 AM NurseHeather

pubic bone pain

Started by jdotten
Views: 2786 Posts: 10
RE: pubic bone pain
2016-04-07 4:52 AM midessa7

Posterior Tibial Tendon injury - any experience?

Started by fitnesskelly
Views: 356 Posts: 2

Lower back pain

Started by George22
Views: 162 Posts: 1
Lower back pain
2016-03-24 6:51 AM George22

Sciatica pain

Started by Eddie88
Views: 222 Posts: 3
RE: Sciatica pain
2016-03-18 11:24 AM parrj

Have you had surgery for Platar Fasciitis?

Started by Dragonfly238
Views: 287 Posts: 3

Rossiter, anyone??

Started by jeffnboise
Views: 150 Posts: 1
Rossiter, anyone??
2016-03-11 12:30 PM jeffnboise

Shoulder Injury

Started by killerrabbit
Views: 294 Posts: 2
RE: Shoulder Injury
2016-03-02 6:05 PM TJHammer

Exercise bradycardia

Started by Purch1977
Views: 208 Posts: 2

Should we even be doing tri's ??

Started by ed4000
Views: 590 Posts: 5

fraying of meniscus in knee

Started by livertrans2
Views: 8865 Posts: 8

Overtraining or dodgy heart rate monitor - lower than usual exercise heart rate

Started by NathanHDCSB
Views: 377 Posts: 3

PF/ Achilles help

Started by SEADOCHA
Views: 603 Posts: 5

Sprained my ankle

Started by Jamespewitt
Views: 298 Posts: 2

Pelvic foot dysfunction and massage therapy

Started by klunarkjy43
Views: 269 Posts: 1

Bruised Sternum

Started by AnnabelleLong
Views: 332 Posts: 4
RE: Bruised Sternum
2016-01-29 7:31 PM RedCorvette

Has your IM training come at the expense of healthy eating?

Started by halfironmike
Views: 306 Posts: 1
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