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Beginner bike mechanic: tips for changing bar tape

Started by brian
Views: 13936 Posts: 14

Beginner bike mechanic 101: raw materials + simple necessities Pages: 1 2

Started by brian
Views: 33081 Posts: 45


Started by Ron
Views: 31021 Posts: 1
2004-03-19 1:12 PM Ron
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Blister-proof Socks for Olympic and HIM races?

Started by midwesttrimom
Views: 209 Posts: 11

Do I need a wetsuit?

Started by mgtye
Views: 79 Posts: 4

Advice to prevent swimming goggles from getting foggy?

Started by Milala
Views: 245 Posts: 8

Is this bike worth the money?

Started by Mind the Fro
Views: 230 Posts: 11

Ultegra 11-speed cassette issues

Started by tlancer23
Views: 49 Posts: 2

Arm Warmers vs Baselayer/Compression Long Sleeve Top

Started by elliot.power
Views: 146 Posts: 2

First bike purchase

Started by zander4
Views: 195 Posts: 5
RE: First bike purchase
2014-07-17 7:39 AM zander4

Speed Sensor for Garmin 910xt

Started by jenstewey
Views: 102 Posts: 3

Upgrading to Ultegra 6800 11spd: wheel question

Started by tlancer23
Views: 262 Posts: 9

Bike fit controversy

Started by embot
Views: 894 Posts: 21

rent vs ship

Started by jerdner
Views: 160 Posts: 4
RE: rent vs ship
2014-07-14 7:16 AM briderdt

Running tights vs compression tights

Started by elliot.power
Views: 188 Posts: 2

Clipless pedals/shoes

Started by moglobalsoccergenius
Views: 184 Posts: 4

Squeaky Something On Bike

Started by ginger1981
Views: 189 Posts: 10

Numbness in the groin

Started by Stuartap
Views: 272 Posts: 4

Roka SIM Swim Jammers - FAST!!

Started by tomspharmacy
Views: 170 Posts: 4


Started by midwesttrimom
Views: 332 Posts: 4
RE: Sportslegs
2014-07-09 7:03 PM midwesttrimom

Really stupid wetsuit cement question

Started by hjbo
Views: 169 Posts: 5

Kudos to Polar.

Started by GotBackup
Views: 121 Posts: 1
Kudos to Polar.
2014-07-08 8:05 AM GotBackup

In need of a fitness tracker/watch thing

Started by Aly_mc
Views: 343 Posts: 5

School me in 10 --> 11 speed conversion

Started by Blastman
Views: 150 Posts: 4

Beginner Computer Question

Started by technichen
Views: 416 Posts: 8
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