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Beginner bike mechanic 101: raw materials + simple necessities Pages: 1 2

Started by brian
Views: 35329 Posts: 46

Beginner bike mechanic: tips for changing bar tape

Started by brian
Views: 15040 Posts: 15


Started by Ron
Views: 31971 Posts: 1
2004-03-19 1:12 PM Ron
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new running shoes shelf life

Started by tri42
Views: 37 Posts: 1

How do I carry my spare tubes, etc?

Started by jenstewey
Views: 66 Posts: 2

SaltStick in aerobar

Started by ballisticmonkey3
Views: 125 Posts: 2
RE: SaltStick in aerobar
2014-12-19 5:13 PM ec1974

Looking for the BEST CUSHIONED running shoe

Started by scholar
Views: 450 Posts: 8

Giant Trinity Composite 1(2015) vs Merida Warp Tri 5000(2015)

Started by MichaelW
Views: 109 Posts: 2

Specilized Shiv vs Cervelo P2?

Started by sawyer1206
Views: 121 Posts: 5

Wheelset, watch or TRX?

Started by NCmtnborn76
Views: 164 Posts: 3

Bike to perform

Started by Ecartaya
Views: 222 Posts: 8
RE: Bike to perform
2014-12-10 1:51 PM Ecartaya

HELP w/charging 920xt with quick release kit on

Started by Brendab
Views: 179 Posts: 3

Tri Tops For Longer Torso

Started by thomaiii
Views: 414 Posts: 6

Calf Sleeve

Started by LukeBoswell
Views: 321 Posts: 2
RE: Calf Sleeve
2014-12-09 7:09 AM jsrsy

FR310xt -> Garmin Connect Question

Started by TJHammer
Views: 129 Posts: 4

audio for swimming

Started by feh
Views: 627 Posts: 9
RE: audio for swimming
2014-12-06 5:12 PM Brian W

swimming with music

Started by Jculver26
Views: 119 Posts: 3
RE: swimming with music
2014-12-06 5:03 PM Brian W

Speedplay or Shimano/Keo/etc pedals?

Started by peeface
Views: 941 Posts: 18

New Garmin Choice

Started by dilletaunt
Views: 476 Posts: 6
RE: New Garmin Choice
2014-12-05 8:00 PM Swimaway

Fitness trackers!

Started by fifthcircle
Views: 184 Posts: 4

Will 10 Speed become obsolete? How soon?

Started by EdwardNJ
Views: 368 Posts: 9

WIDE cycling shoes?

Started by leatherneckpa
Views: 310 Posts: 6

Freehub Removal

Started by ec1974
Views: 155 Posts: 4

Switch Aero System

Started by Toffels
Views: 219 Posts: 7
RE: Switch Aero System
2014-12-04 11:09 PM Toffels

Vuelta Corsa Carbon 50 SE Wheelset

Started by Porfirio
Views: 721 Posts: 10
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