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Beginner bike mechanic 101: raw materials + simple necessities Pages: 1 2

Started by brian
Views: 36641 Posts: 46

Beginner bike mechanic: tips for changing bar tape

Started by brian
Views: 15669 Posts: 15


Started by Ron
Views: 32537 Posts: 1
2004-03-19 1:12 PM Ron
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Going to to 25mm, quick advice

Started by TJHammer
Views: 175 Posts: 9

Sliding forward on saddle

Started by triathlonpal07
Views: 84 Posts: 2

Wrecked my wheels. Looking for knowledge.

Started by crashtopher
Views: 163 Posts: 4

Need help finding bike shoes

Started by JTNY
Views: 186 Posts: 4

Rocket Science Rocket Bag vs Elite Bag

Started by Khines1996
Views: 90 Posts: 1

Profile Design Seat post on road bike

Started by grabovac
Views: 109 Posts: 4

garmin 910x

Started by slides
Views: 185 Posts: 2
RE: garmin 910x
2015-03-17 6:50 AM jennifer_runs

Cobb fifty five Jof Saddle Thoughts

Started by TriTampa2
Views: 219 Posts: 2

BlueSeventy wetsuit sizing

Started by realrellim
Views: 108 Posts: 1

Extra shoes, and transitions

Started by BrooklynBen
Views: 277 Posts: 3

Jet 6/9, ZIpp 404/808 combination v. all 6 or 404's

Started by Isondd
Views: 105 Posts: 2

would like opinions on handle bars

Started by ruiny
Views: 133 Posts: 2

Which bike?

Started by digiac4
Views: 152 Posts: 2
RE: Which bike?
2015-03-14 8:02 AM audiojan

Bike rack for Prius?

Started by aturnbul
Views: 318 Posts: 5

SPD Cleats question

Started by jamie1c
Views: 379 Posts: 6

Shifters on bar end AND base bar?

Started by reecealan
Views: 290 Posts: 4

2012 Cannondale Slice Question

Started by camprunner
Views: 288 Posts: 4

1"-to-1 1/8 adapter, OR 1" adjustable

Started by triosaurus
Views: 162 Posts: 3

Bike Workstand for Cervelo P2

Started by d2dmoney
Views: 263 Posts: 4

Two Pedal Systems or One

Started by camprunner
Views: 322 Posts: 8

Should I buy used or new TT bike (2008 Cervelo P2C or 2015 Felt S32)

Started by revtri35
Views: 291 Posts: 6

possibly a stupid wheel question...

Started by WebFootFreak
Views: 264 Posts: 7
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