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BT's Updated ANDROID APP is Live!

Started by Ron
Views: 3974 Posts: 18


Started by Ron
Views: 1827 Posts: 3

BT's Updated Iphone/Ipad App is LIVE Pages: 1 2

Started by Ron
Views: 5553 Posts: 29

Import Template UPDATED DEC 2013

Started by Ron
Views: 2535 Posts: 1

Syncing Workout Calendars onto your Ipad

Started by Ron
Views: 5177 Posts: 3
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Need to change plan , how?

Started by ulf.lundh
Views: 22 Posts: 3

Adding details to Bronze plans?

Started by jnyberg2001
Views: 54 Posts: 2

Upload workout to Garmin Connect

Started by tmespo
Views: 198 Posts: 2

are free plans not free??

Started by randy mounts
Views: 132 Posts: 6

Power not uploading

Started by jmhpsu93
Views: 68 Posts: 4

Weekly Power not working

Started by jmhpsu93
Views: 398 Posts: 6


Started by Whizzzzz
Views: 229 Posts: 4

Profile - Triathlons Completed

Started by jmkizer
Views: 317 Posts: 4

No detail in planned workout

Started by GeorginaGibson75
Views: 305 Posts: 5

Calories from Lifestyle

Started by bkh66
Views: 654 Posts: 4
RE: Calories from Lifestyle
2016-06-28 9:41 AM Ron

Work out data gone

Started by DaveL
Views: 248 Posts: 2
RE: Work out data gone
2016-06-22 3:13 PM DaveL

Can I remove myself from other people's friend list?

Started by Maria527
Views: 396 Posts: 3

User Stats?

Started by k9car363
Views: 214 Posts: 1
User Stats?
2016-06-20 6:03 AM k9car363

Copying from Training Plan to Training Log

Started by aburnett
Views: 356 Posts: 2

What happend to the Ultras section???

Started by strykergt
Views: 397 Posts: 3


Started by jmkizer
Views: 291 Posts: 2
RE: Deadlock
2016-05-23 1:03 PM Ron

Consolidate races?

Started by jmkizer
Views: 314 Posts: 3
RE: Consolidate races?
2016-05-18 7:16 AM jmkizer

Can't log in on my Iphone App

Started by nickspanier
Views: 256 Posts: 2

metric conversion in training plan

Started by Swifty73
Views: 464 Posts: 2

Email workouts

Started by airedale
Views: 343 Posts: 2
RE: Email workouts
2016-05-09 11:12 AM Ron
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