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BT's Updated ANDROID APP is Live!

Started by Ron
Views: 3431 Posts: 18


Started by Ron
Views: 1661 Posts: 3

BT's Updated Iphone/Ipad App is LIVE Pages: 1 2

Started by Ron
Views: 4993 Posts: 29

Import Template UPDATED DEC 2013

Started by Ron
Views: 2384 Posts: 1

Syncing Workout Calendars onto your Ipad

Started by Ron
Views: 5008 Posts: 3
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Started by jmkizer
Views: 24 Posts: 2
RE: Deadlock
2016-05-23 1:03 PM Ron

Consolidate races?

Started by jmkizer
Views: 59 Posts: 3
RE: Consolidate races?
2016-05-18 7:16 AM jmkizer

Can't log in on my Iphone App

Started by nickspanier
Views: 50 Posts: 2

metric conversion in training plan

Started by Swifty73
Views: 235 Posts: 2

Email workouts

Started by airedale
Views: 75 Posts: 2
RE: Email workouts
2016-05-09 11:12 AM Ron

trying to delete race

Started by paluxton
Views: 137 Posts: 3

Equipment tracker math problem?

Started by jmkizer
Views: 100 Posts: 2

single space?

Started by Hook'em
Views: 246 Posts: 2
RE: single space?
2016-04-21 6:08 PM axteraa


Started by trigal38
Views: 143 Posts: 2
RE: hacked?
2016-04-14 10:12 AM Ron

Add "triathlon completed" to profile

Started by ulf.lundh
Views: 193 Posts: 2

can't add event

Started by tribone
Views: 304 Posts: 3
RE: can't add event
2016-03-17 7:08 AM Ron

iOS Mobile problems for training plan strength details

Started by rframe
Views: 327 Posts: 2

can't add a new race

Started by ceilidh
Views: 593 Posts: 4

Uploading FIT file and picture attachment errors

Started by Donto
Views: 835 Posts: 7

"Broken" weather

Started by jmkizer
Views: 1498 Posts: 22
RE: "Broken" weather
2016-02-23 7:34 AM Ron

Changing Blog title

Started by Hildebeast
Views: 305 Posts: 2
RE: Changing Blog title
2016-02-20 4:43 PM Ron

Adding Race to Race Log

Started by InnerAthlete
Views: 259 Posts: 1

How to delete a train plan

Started by coastalgina
Views: 472 Posts: 2

3 small problems

Started by Lighttower
Views: 383 Posts: 1
3 small problems
2016-01-14 9:18 AM Lighttower

Strength Training Not Syncing

Started by corybantes
Views: 1927 Posts: 17
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