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2013-07-30 9:54 AM

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Miller Place, Long Island
Subject: Lake placid '14 sell out speed
Hi all. I got in to imlp through the bundle with the Syracuse 70.3, but I am curious how fast it sold out through regular online general entry yesterday??
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2013-07-30 11:34 AM
in reply to: mscotthall

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Subject: RE: Lake placid '14 sell out speed
About 2.5 hours based on the Ironman twitter feed. I too went for the deal with Syracuse as I wanted to make sure I got in.
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2013-07-30 12:52 PM
in reply to: r3dey3

Subject: RE: Lake placid '14 sell out speed
I would have preferred a Syracuse 70.3 / IMMT combo, but still that's a pretty good deal to secure a spot for IMLP '14. Good idea by WTC.
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