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Our 2014 mentor Spring/Summer program is open!
SBR Utopia ~~~~ Permanently OPEN!!
2014-09-22 6:45 AMaxteraa
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Ask any question regarding swim, bike, run, training to transitions and race day. No worries here, we got you covered. Glossary1273282
9.22.14 Monday Morning Already!
2014-09-22 7:18 AMingleshteechur
Don't be a lurker! Let us know who you are. We want to know all about you, your motivations and goals for entering this great sport!68451
New here Tri with fibromyalgie
2014-09-22 6:47 AMMartine1975
Princeton 70.3 - who is in?
2014-09-21 5:04 PMdillrob
Enter your triathlon and other endurance race reports here with our unique template. These will also be linked to your training logs. Race Log Instructions, Find a Race, & Search for Race Reports265099
Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
2014-09-22 7:10 AMstilgarnaib
Do you have new triathlon gear or questions regarding? Give us a shout. 105137
Earplug student survey
2014-09-22 3:10 AMStudentswim
Companies can use this forum to post about new products, solicit feedback and post promotions and sales. Users are welcome to join in any discussion about a product.417
New earplugs survey from Surfears!
2014-09-22 3:12 AMStudentswim
Buy? Sell? Trade? Do it all here. Find new and used triathlon bikes, wetsuits, wheels and more.
New User?
WTB rear wheel-perhaps aero?!
2014-09-21 5:53 PMdjmikula
Discuss your weightloss and nutrition issues here. Face it, many of us want to get slimmer. A good diet along with training can get you to your goals.75446
Weight gain after training
2014-09-19 6:29 PMTJHammer
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Ironman Talk. Half and Full Iron forum to discuss your specific needs for longer events training.125751
Off-season training plan
2014-09-21 6:39 PMelliot.power
Join our race discussion support groups for 1/2 and Full Ironman races.
Redman Full Distance Triathlon : Official Thread
2014-09-21 5:23 PMmwfosler
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Discuss training and other issues specific to you!23582
Clyde/Athena Tri-N-4- Weight Loss Mentor Group -OPEN AGAIN!!
2014-09-21 8:12 PMleatherneckpa
Anything related to strength training and/or weight lifting. Log Your Strength Training8790
recommendations for online fitness store?
2014-09-21 9:54 PMvonschnapps
Issue your training challenge to other BT members. Form teams, choose goals and let the smack-talking begin! Just remember, you have to train to win.353813
September PEACH Challenge
2014-09-21 8:00 PMD001
You're here if you are injured or suffering some discomfort or health related issues.

Hip/Leg heat and numbness
2014-09-21 4:20 AMmidessa7
YESSSS!!! Food, smoothies and supplements are an integral part of any triathletes diet. Plus those things called 'gu' and post training cocktails. Post recipes and discuss nutrition here.25475
liquid carbs
2014-09-16 11:37 AMTJHammer
Bike Racing and Pro Cycling talk. Drafting allowed.

*Also discusssing crits, road, TT, MTB, century, training, and racing.
Cyclocross - A magical time of year
2014-09-17 9:30 PMClempson
Over 26.2? Discussions for ultramarathon training and racing.4273
50k two weeks after first 26.2
2014-09-21 10:39 PMMtnwesttri
Something on your MIND??? Post your off-topic stuff here.1120202
Lets talk about meat
2014-09-22 12:18 AMjobaxas
Strict adherence to the forum guidelines will be enforced for continued access.
*Our definition of 'political' is broad. If it raises your blood pressure, this is where the discussion will take place.
Public Education - Mainstreaming
2014-09-19 9:52 PMTJHammer
For Members of TeamRWB Team Red, White & Blue a non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families.
Team RWB members contact twinklebug for access to the forum.
2014-09-16 12:52 PMausthokie
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This forum is for our Online Support option. See Online Coaching for more details.
eagreenley Athlete Profile
2014-09-21 6:34 PMeagreenley
Looking for questions this month to be answered by The American Medical Society of Sports Medicine ASK YOURS! Anything training, rehab or injury related is game!592
Ask Your Training Questions for August
2014-08-06 11:24 AMRon
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Free Training Logs! Log EVERYTHING! Post all questions and issues regarding the logs here. See also Logging Workouts , Nutrition Logging and the HELP PAGE. See FEATURES20025
Garmin Express
2014-09-18 7:26 PMmambos
Current updates. Post any problems and questions on using this feature. Also post things you would like to see in future updates.421
Swim only plan
2014-09-14 3:15 PMRon
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