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2013-09-23 8:10 PM

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Subject: AZ. cruiserman entrant spot for sale.
Hi I was going to this weekends cruserman race in tempe on 9/28/13 but now i can not.

Mike from the event sent me this email.

Randy -

Short answer, since we are the week of the event, I can't do much for you, HOWEVER if you can find someone to take your spot, I will simply transfer your entry to them and you work out getting payment from them...

Hope that helps!

so if you were thinking of going i have a good discount for you.

right now sign up is 50.00 i would gladly take 35.00 just enough for the next splash and dash

let me know if interested. i just dont want it to go to waste

2013-09-25 8:03 PM
in reply to: ranman69

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Subject: RE: AZ. cruiserman entrant spot for sale.
wow no one wants to go cheep????? will trade for tri stuff
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